3 Mush Have Skin Care Tools

Portable Facial Spray Mister

Taking care of our skin is one of the most important things we do. With the entire dirt and smoke-y atmosphere, our skin expects some extra care from us. There are many skin care products and tools that you can find that are beneficial for your skin. But, here I am talking about the 3 must have skin care tools, that we all need. All these three skin care tools will be our skin’s best friend. Also, you can keep it with you in your hand bags when you go out in the scorching heat.

These skin care tools will keep your skin refreshed, making your skin glow and you look younger.

Let’s find out what these three magical skin care must haves are.

1.  The 3 in 1 electric exfoliator

Getting our skin cleaned is one of the first things we do when we get home after a long and tiring day. We need the best skin care products and tools to get rid of all the dirt and junk from our faces. With the 3 in 1 electric exfoliator, our skin care routine just got a whole lot better. With the use of this electric exflilator, your skin will get deeply cleaned and exfoliated in lesser time.

This electric brush comes with three different heads; one for deep cleansing, second for exfoliating and third brush head is for massaging. You will also get a USB wire so you can recharge your 3 in 1 exfoliator and use it every single day. Also, it is available in 2 pretty colors; light pink and mint. You can see your skin getting better after using this electrical face brush every day.

2.    Portable Facial Spray Mister

Getting out in the heat every day can make our skin looking dull and tired, even if we get it perfectly cleaned every day. To make your skin looking refreshed and happy all the time, we need to splash some cold water to our face. Fortunately, it is now possible that we spray cold water on our faces when we go out so we can refresh our skin.

With this Portable Facial Spray Mister, you can fill in the spray mister with cold water and keep it in your bags while you go out. You can take the little guy where ever you want and spray it on your face. It will make your skin look clean and fresh instantly. Also, it is light in weight; so your hand bag will not feel heavy at all. This is the second must have for your skin care regimen.


3.     Electric Eye Massage Pen

Our eyes surely reflect how healthy our skin is. Our eye area is very delicate and tends to get affected by heat, lack of sleep and age.  To make it look wrinkle free and healthy. We need this Negative Ion Electric Eye Massage Pen; it will make sure to keep our under eyes healthy by minimizing the wrinkles and dark circles.

This pen will gently massage our under eyes for all the healthy benefits. Also, it is little in size so you can take it anywhere with you.  This electric massage pen is a must have for all the women out there.