3 Ways a Virtual Office in Singapore Can Support Your Growing Business

3 Ways a Virtual Office in Singapore Can Support Your Growing Business

The concept of virtual workspaces is older than you might think. However, it is only just beginning to take off in Southeast Asia. Singapore, for example, is experiencing a virtual revolution, with more businesses trying remote routines every year.

There are all kinds of reasons why renting a virtual office in Singapore is a good idea. It is particularly useful for companies that are planning expansions. With a virtual workspace, movement is subject to fewer restrictions than it might be with a traditional, long hold lease.

This article explains why virtual offices are perfect for businesses that want to grow with speed and security.

The Virtual Office Can Be Anywhere 

The first thing to understand about the virtual office is that it, technically, doesn’t exist. To be more precise, it doesn’t exist as a tangible, physical asset. It is more like an office in the ‘cloud’ which is accessed via remote means. This means there are no full-time costs to pay.

In fact, the rate of virtual offices is very low. This is despite the fact tenants get to enjoy all of the same perks as a real office. There is a mailbox, a physical address, company phone lines, IT support, and more. The only difference is they’re managed over the phone or the internet.

It is a major asset for expanding companies because there is no tie to a single location. For instance, if you launch in Singapore, but expand into Thailand or the Philippines, it’s just a matter of connecting with a local facility. Many virtual providers don’t even charge for this.

The Virtual Workspaces Never Sleeps 

It is a common misconception to think a lack of full-time space is a major sacrifice, particularly when it comes to small businesses. In truth, studies show it can represent the opposite; a chance to open up new opportunities and become fully accessible and available.

For instance, many virtual offices provide 24/7 receptionists. While traditional offices usually shut down after hours, virtual ones remain operational, even to customers on the other side of the world. This is beneficial for investors who want to plan for expansion.

With round the clock support, making connections with new markets – wherever they happen to be – is easy. When you go virtual, you can be tucked up in bed and still capitalise on events occurring in other countries.

The Virtual Office Is Economical 

After the recession in 2008, businesses were forced to reconsider their definitions of success. It is no accident that, in the wake of the crisis, we’ve seen small businesses thrive in Singapore and beyond. Generally, the smaller the company, the easier it is to adapt to change.

Success isn’t about avoiding tough times or circumstances. It’s about investing in resources that help you to survive them, and virtual offices are a major asset. With no standard three to five year lease, contracts roll over until the tenant decides otherwise.

It means they retain the freedom to leave or change their terms of use at any time. Imagine, for instance, that you have a less successful year than you expect and need to downsize to survive. With a virtual office, this can be achieved in days or hours, in some cases.

Finding a Virtual Office in Your Neighbourhood

The beautiful city of Singapore is home to a number of these super flexible virtual offices. You’ll find the highest quality leases right in the centre of town, close to retail and financial districts. Virtual vendors tend to offer extremely prestigious addresses with iconic reputations.

If you’re interested in trying a virtual office lease, the first step is to get in touch with a local facility. Most are happy to give prospective tenants a guided tour of the facility, though keep in mind the fact that this type of ‘office’ is designed for remote use.