5 Reasons To Road Trip In San Diego

5 Reasons To Road Trip In San Diego

When it comes to taking a road trip, you will most likely be after a beautiful setting, lots of activities, and a temperate climate so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest extent. It should come as no surprise that San Diego, on California’s golden southern coast, packs all three of these appeals into one perfect location to park your motorhome rental and enjoy a nice long stay. Not only is San Diego one of the mildest climates in the entire nation but it has a plethora of activities and entertainment on offer for travelers of all tastes. If you haven’t yet experienced this amazing city in your travels, then make absolute certain to have it high on your “next” list.

The Weather

San Diego has long been known as possessing the absolute best climate to be found in America. Even in the dead of summer the temperatures hover in the 80s and drop to a comfortable degree of coolness at night. This continues year round, making for a truly perfect climate for a trip at any time of the year. You can even head to San Diego in December or January and expect sunny days during which you can enjoy all of the sights and activities this lively town has to offer. It barely ever rains here, so a “rain day” will never throw your plans off course. It really can’t be disputed that the an Diego weather is absolutely perfect.


With the sunny weather you get perfect beach days, which is a great thing since the beaches here are some of the best on the California coast. You also have the famous Bay, so the city is literally surrounded by water on all sides. No matter if you’re simply after a nice day of lounging on the sand and swimming, trying your hand at surfing or other water sports, or heading out for some deep sea fishing, you can get it all in within just a short drive from any point in San Diego proper.

Dining and Nightlife

There are a plethora of dining establishments all over the city that are top rated and run the gamut in terms of style and menu. If you’re after fine dining in hotly tipped restaurants, you can surely find it. If you’re after cheaper, but no less delicious, fare such as food trucks, this is no problem either. San Diego is known as a foodie paradise, and anyone in the mood for Mexican will be amazed at the sheer amount of possibilities. From some of the best rated taco stands in the nation to Mexican restaurants, this is a Mexican food lover’s dream come true.

There is also a large amount of clubs, bars, and other nightlife to enjoy. The downtown Gaslamp District offers up a fine selection, and there are many more clusters of nightlife spread out across the various neighborhoods. Make sure to do some research depending on the type of scene you are after. No doubt you will find San Diego to be an incredibly lively scene with a varied selection of nightlife options.


It may seem strange to think that you can be sitting in downtown San Diego one moment and then be in the desert or the mountains within half an hour, but this is absolutely true. The city is bordered on one side by the ocean and on the other by miles of rugged terrain that features some of the best hiking to be found in California. You can witness terrific rock formations and desert scenery galore, explore canyons and underpasses, and even get in some climbing on one of the many mountains that can be seen rising up from the desert have just beyond city limits. This access to nature makes San Diego truly unique for a major metropolis, and this is great news for travelers since at any time you are just one motorhome rental ride away from the desert terrain.


Because this is a lively, hip city full of young creative individuals, you have a wide selection of shopping that goes far beyond just the major brands and chains. San Diego is known for its plethora of funky boutiques and pop up shops, its vintage stores and specialty shops, and a wide assortment of unique shopping experiences in many of the neighborhoods. No matter which neighborhood you may be in, some great shopping isn’t ever far away, so make sure to leave in some time for retail therapy when in San Diego.

With its perfect combination of great weather, sunny beaches, lively atmosphere, and great food, you really can’t beat San Diego when it comes to planning a road trip. The next time you pack up your motorhome rental and hit the road, make sure to head in the direction of this Californian jewel.