6 Best Reasons You should Start Using a Konjac Sponge immediately

6 Best Reasons You should Start Using a Konjac Sponge immediately

A Japanese vegetable root is used to make this konjac sponge and it has taken the world to storm. Regular cleansing tools are either too expensive or too ordinary to handle your skin. So grab this mild sponge to wash off any gunk from your skin. It is excellent for washing the skin with it’s gentle exfoliation. Though it looks a lot like loofahs, it is not made of plastic. You can use it to wash off your makeup with this by pouring three-four drops of cleansing oil on it. Let’s talk about 6 best reasons you should start using it immediately.

  1. It helps fighting your acne-prone irritated skin:

There are many things available in the market to fight acne. You need a proper skin care regime for fighting acne. Adding certain things in step by step is going to give you better skin. If you use a konjac sponge infused with charcoal, bamboo charcoal it will detoxify your skin. Charcoal has the anti-bacterial property that will keep acne-causing bacteria far away. It also cools down the skin that works to make the skin calm. But make sure you do not scrub an active pimple with the sponge. It will irritate your skin and have bacteria living in the sponge.

  1. Its helps your skin to glow:

 Skin glows by the care it has got. Koreans are best known for their skin because of the attention they give to the skin. You can get this too with incorporating good skin care regime and a konjac sponge. Konjac sponge benefits the skin with various nutrition’s like, protein, lipid, fatty acids, minerals and many more vitamins. Konjac root is a natural alkaline plant that has natural pH that can balance the skin. For all these benefits you will get a beautiful glow after using the sponge.

  1. It helps cleansing the skin without drying:

Dry skin family knows how it is to deal with dry skin. You want to keep all the oils and creams with yourself to keep your skin from being dehydrated. But your hard work goes in the water because of the cleanser that strips moisture from the skin. If you use the sponge with minimum cleanser and make bubbles before scrubbing then it will not take away your oil.

  1. If you need something gentle for your baby’s bath:

We all know how the baby skin is. People always compare any soft skin with babies. You would want the mildest thing to give your baby a relaxing bath. You can blindly trust konjac sponge over a loofah. The sponge is so soft that it will not irritate skin at all. It will also give the message that will circulate more blood everywhere to your baby.

  1. If you need the makeup to stay longer:

Among various konjac sponge benefits, one of the benefit stand apart is makeup stays longer time on skin n So, use the sponge to exfoliated, moisturized and clean your skin before makeup. This will soften and smoothen the skin. As a result, your makeup will last longer than ever. You don’t need to worry about humid weather or sweat to mess up with your foundation either.

  1. It helps heat and sun damaged skin:

If you are someone who does not wear sunscreen every day, then you have a lot of dry skin going on your face.  This sponge will wash off those dry and flaky skin. It will also help you to clean away waterproof sunscreen if you wear it every day. This is an extra benefit because waterproof sunscreen does not come off easily with soap or cleansers.


Buy a konjac sponge, and you will know why it is not just a sponge after using it. It is a great skincare tool. Try it out for getting better skin. As it washes away dead skin cells every day, you will get radiant, new skin.