6 Qualities to Look for a Wedding Planner

6 Qualities to Look for a Wedding Planner

Every bride needs someone who will see her dream wedding come together. More often, that means requiring more than the support of your family and friends and hiring a professional wedding planner.

However, finding someone who will share the same vision as you have, not to mention, will get you through a lot of stress down the wedding planning requires a little effort. Fortunately, we have highlighted some of the qualities you need to consider when looking for a wedding planner.

1. Communicative

Wedding planners spend the best of their time interacting with just about everyone: the groom, the bride, vendors, and guests. Excellent interpersonal skills are therefore required to ensure that every detail is communicated to and between all parties well.

Further, wedding planners should also be calm and organized even at times when the wedding folks are already strained under pressure. More importantly, they must possess a good negotiating skills to haggle with vendors on your behalf.

2. Intuitive

In a wedding planning, there are two common cases that professionals encounter: the bride doesn’t know exactly what she wants or she may know what she wants, but is unable to express it.

But, while both pose as a big challenge for wedding professionals, a good wedding planner should be willing to spend time listening to your concerns and decoding your vague ideas in order to create a bigger picture.

3. Compassionate

Along with good intuition, a wedding planner should also be empathetic about what you are going through. Out of all the people involved in your wedding, they should be the one who will most understand that planning is one of the most emotional events you will ever encounter — and with that sympathy should come a responsibility to help you get through the complex situation.

4. Clever

Whether you like it or not, you are bound to hit snags even on the day of your wedding. For this reason, you will need a wedding planner who will think through the problem and solve it under pressure, all while trying to make things look like they were easy.

The ability of wedding planners to think effectively, and analyze problems critically to come up with the most practical solution determines how good they are with their profession.

5. Creative

Naturally, resourcefulness comes alongside cleverness — and as a wedding planner, one should be creative enough to do things differently.

In search for the ideal wedding planner, you should consider someone who will be able to transform your wedding from ordinary into an entirely unique one. This ability is what will separate professional wedding planners from amateurs.

6. Experienced

Above all, your wedding planner should have an adequate experience and knowledge in the professional field. In any case, you will not only be needing a person who is not only adept with the ins and outs of a wedding but someone who also knows how to work with your resources and achieve the best results.

There are of course countless wedding planners who will exceed these criteria. But, with this guide, you will easily determine which qualities you will be needing the most.

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