7 Tips to Make Your Air Conditioner More Energy Efficient

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Your air conditioning unit can cause damage to your electricity budgets if it goes untamed. In the hottest and coldest months of the year, you need the unit to run for longer to regulate temperatures as required. You have to make deliberate efforts to ensure that the bills are kept manageable and your air conditioning unit remains in good shape. There are a number of easy, practical steps that can help to keep your air conditioner more efficient. Here are some of them.

  1. Keep your air conditioner away from the sun:

 Where possible, the air conditioner should be located on the north side of your home. Well, for several reasons, this is not always achievable, but you can try to save energy by ensuring that it is under a shade. By all means, shield your central air conditioner from the sun. Planting trees whose shadow fall shield the air conditioner most of the day is one easy way and longer solution. The shade also keeps direct sunlight from falling directly on the air conditioner. However, ensure that the natural shade doesn’t hamper the air conditioner by growing bushy and allowing debris or hindering routine maintenance.

  1. Avoid using electrical that heat up the place even more.

Dishwashers, washing machines and cloth dryers, cookers and other electrical appliances add to the heat in your home. You can use them sparingly, especially when your air conditioner needs lesser energy to operate. For instance, you can use your washers in the evening or early morning when temperatures are not really high. It’s also wise to avoid labour intensive tasks during the hottest hours as they make you feel uncomfortable and in need of more cooling from the air conditioner.

Other appliances such as TVs and computers also contribute to the overall heating of the room. Turn them off whenever possible to give your air conditioner and easier time.

  1. Keep your ductwork sealed.

Exposed ductwork gives space for leakage of your conditioned air. Sealing off ducts running through the attic and other spaces saves your air conditioner a great amount of work.

  1. Pull down the curtains and blinds in the afternoon

This simple action can tremendously spare your air conditioner a great deal of energy consumption. Pulling down your curtains helps to deflect the ultraviolet rays (heat) thus keeping your house cooler at this time of the day. If there is more heat getting into your house, the air conditioner will be working harder to fight it, effectively needing more energy to do this. In the evenings when temperatures are lower, you can open the curtains and blinds to allow the cool air in and complement what the air conditioner is doing.

  1. Don’t tamper with the thermostat:

Ideally, the thermostat will work well superbly at 76 to 78 degrees. Avoid changing this every now and then. A lesson you must learn is that the air conditioner cools more or less at the same rate whether you set it at 70 degrees or 78 degrees. Nevertheless, you can set your thermostat in such a way that it increases temperatures when you are not at home and drop down to comfortable levels just before you are back.

  1. Maintain your air conditioner regularly.

Estimates indicate that more than 50 % of air conditioners fail simply because they go un-serviced for the longest time. Any electrical appliance will work optimally when in good shape. Having your air conditioner routinely maintained will ensure that it delivers and works at its best. Fuse Contracting recommends working with a professional to create a maintenance schedule.

One practice that can help your air conditioner work more efficiently is to clean the drain line. The drain line found right above the furnace in the basement of your air conditioner gets clogged over time. You can use unclog it using a bleaching agent such as chlorine. Simply flush one cup of the bleach down the air conditioning drain then use about one gallon of water to rinse it. This ensures that the drain line doesn’t take on water when it becomes blocked.

Dehumidify your home

Some people think that the humidity helps to the air conditioner to cool down the house faster. Well, it doesn’t. Turning on your dehumidifier when temperatures rise is a simple efficient way of keeping temperatures in control. Getting rid of the humidity makes the house more comfortable. You can try combining this as well as fans.

 Take action

 You can combine a number of these tips to keep your air conditioner working just as you would like to. Also, try to understand how your air conditioner works and responds to various situations. It takes the efforts of everybody living in the house to save the air conditioner from overworking. Overuse of electrical gadgets is among common habits that contribute to inefficient energy consumption and overworking of the air conditioner.