8 Great Short Haircuts for Women Over 50 You Have to Try

8 Great Short Haircuts for Women Over 50 You Have to Try

There are so many beautiful short haircuts for women over 50 that will look great in every older woman. Universally, short hair looks great in almost everyone, and this is an awesome thing. These haircuts are very sassy, modern and they are in line with today’s trends.

If you have made up your mind to try a new haircut or chop off your elongated locks, these short haircuts for women over 50 will inspire your next look. Just go through them and get the one that is perfect for your face shape and hair texture.


  1. Side Swept Bangs

This is one of the most common short hairstyles for women over 50. This haircut is sassy, professional and girlish. It can be worked on any shortcut such as pixie and bob.

  1. The Pixie

Pixie is a classic haircut for women over 50. They offer an excellent frame for your face tactfully bringing out your best features. You will be excited to note that you will not need to trim your hair every month, so they it is low maintenance haircut.

  1. The Versatile Pixie

Pixie comes in different looks and styles. From romantic to sweet, and stylish to playful, it is an awesome cut that can be tailored to your style and personality. It is suitable for ladies of any ethnicity and looks great in any hair colour.

  1. An Elegant Pixie

This is a soft and sensual pixie. It consists of many layers, and when you apply a little product, it becomes very voluminous. For the ladies with thick hair and natural wave, this is the best haircut for them. It is also ideal for making round shaped faces look longer.


  1. A Stylish Pixie

Super short pixies always look gorgeous on thin women and anyone with thick hair and long beautiful neck. Besides, if you are a little bit taller and have some curves, you can rock with it too.

However, you may want to have your haircut a little bit longer if you are tall, and you have smaller bursts. You will notice that more voluminous hair balances the natural shape of your body below the neck.

  1. A Red Flip

This is Frances Fisher or beautiful red hair hue. It is sophisticated and effortless to maintain since you can let it grow longer and still look great before you can think of trimming it.


  1. A Slightly Edgy Cut

This is a chicer haircut, and actually, there is a lot of fun in it. It is styled by allowing some length to rest at the top and wearing a side part. It is simple to keep the style that will ever look great all day long with just minimal maintenance.

  1. A Cool Short ‘Do

It works best with ladies with naturally straight, thick hair. The bangs make this cut flattering though they need upkeep. However, if you give it a good trimming, it can save you regular trips to the saloon.