Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Metal Cutting Technique

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Laser Metal Cutting Technique

Laser cutting is a process of cutting materials by directing a laser beam on it. This method is very effective to cut through material such as metal. It is considered as one of the best technique for getting precise results.

Laser metal cutting technique involves the use of a computerized machine that is directed on the object which might either burn, melt, vaporize, or blown away by a jet of gas. As it is used for fulfilling manifold purposes, it is highly preferred over other cutting techniques. Especially, the industry but also hobbyists which are involved in DIY or home improvement projects appreciate the very high accuracy of this method. If you too are working on some kind of projects and are thinking to get a custom cut metal part fabricated, you may want to continue reading.  This article will talk about the pros and cons of laser metal cutting technique.


  1. Unlimited Custom Fabrication

Due to the very fine laser beam the result is not only very precise but the metal part can be either very, very small or parts of the metal can have very small cut-outs. Therefore there are almost no limitations to custom fabricate a metal part cut out of sheet metal. Whether you wish to cut a part of the material or an entire sheet; every unique customization is possible with the laser metal cutting technique.

  1. Quick And Efficient

The laser beam directed to the spot of the metal is intense and focused. Due to this reason, it creates a high proportion of heat that burns the workpiece in less time as compared to other cutting techniques such as plasma cutting. It therefore is probably the fastest way to cut metal efficiently.

  1. Greater Precision

Cutting metal is not at all an easy job. Using a different method might not give the desired precision, but when using a metal laser cutter, the scenario is bit different. Experts always recommend to use metal laser cutter as it offers extremely high precision and accuracy and almost no risks.

  1. Best Value for the Money

When customers ask for products or services, high quality is one of their most preferred parameters. Value for the money spent should be in a good balance. By opting for laser cutting, you are getting the best value for the amount you are spending with utmost accuracy and precision.

Certain Limitations

Though laser metal cutting technology has these many advantages, its benefits are limited to some extent. For certain materials such as brass, copper, etc. laser cutting with CO2 is not recommended.

As every coin has two sides, so does the laser metal cutting technique. Comparing both advantages and disadvantages, we clearly favor the laser cutting technique. If you are looking for a custom metal part that requires high accuracy you may want to to opt for custom metal laser cutting from a reliable sheet metal fabricator such as MetalsCut4U. It is a one-stop solution for your metal requirements. Also, they are known for delivering most accurate and precise laser metal cutting services online.