Baccarat: How it’s played

Baccarat: How it’s played

Baccarat is currently considered one of the most prestigious casino games that can be found and is that besides being the favorite game of James Bond, it is also the favorite game of VIP players. That is why their tables tend to present fairly high betting limits.

But, about Baccarat there are many more facts that you should know, such as, for example, that your table is the largest of the casinos and is that it presents 14 seats for its players. Also, in this game the presence of live croupiers is integrated, which manage the game.

When talking about the management of Point and Banking it is necessary to clarify that in it the players have greater participation and that is that they are allowed to distribute the cards as well as discover them.

Now, for you to better understand what Baccarat is about, it is necessary that you know certain specific details of the game, its table, the scenario of the game as well as the value of its cards, among others:

Generalities: only 2 hands are dealt in the game. The one of the player, known as Point, and that of the Bank. The participating players, up to 14, can bet on either hand or can bet on the tie. Thus, it must be clear that the maximum score to look for is 9.

The table: when entering to play at the point and bench you have to know how to recognize your table. In it there is a place for a total of 14 players and 3 croupiers who manage the game. Of course, at each end of the table there are 7 players, while the croupiers are located in the central area.

The game: the development of this game includes a variety of rituals that make Baccarat a very interesting game. Within them they emphasize that they are the players who realize the distribution of the letters and one of them, the one that has realized the major bet to the hand of the player, will be the one that discovers the letter of this hand.

Letters and their value: in this game the value of each card is as follows. The Ace is 1, while the jacks, the ladies, the kings and the numbers 10 correspond to 0. As for the cards numbered from 2 to 9, each one takes the value that its number gives it. In this way, all cards handle a value from 0 to 9 and in the case that the hand exceeds 10 points, and then you must subtract 10 points to achieve the score set from 0 to 9.

For example, if the player’s hand has an 8 and a 5 this adds 13. As it exceeds 9 must be subtracted 10 points, leaving the total hand with 3 points.

General rules: at the start of the game, 2 hands are dealt, of 2 cards. One of them is the Bank and the other the Point or player. The goal is to achieve 9 points. In addition, you should know that in this game players can’t decide whether or not they ask for more cards to achieve the maximum score, since they are only allowed to participate in the bets before they start the distribution of the cards.

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According to the rules of Baccarat when the sum of the two cards results in 8, this is called Petit, whereas if a natural 9 comes out it is called Big Le. In any case if the first roll is given a natural 8 or 9 the owner of it wins and ends the round. But, if the hands have the same value, what is given is a tie and the round ends there. If you need more info, you can visit NetBet.