Become slim with our bodyworks

Become slim with our bodyworks

Prive Aesthetics understands the requirement of having a beautiful body and we offer you bodyworks to take you to your most beautiful self. We specialize in plenty of treatments that will help you slim down and we will list you with all that we can help you with. Get back your youthful glow and fit into your old pairs of jeans – we are going to give you the ultimate treatment packages to vouch for.

How to slim down with bodywork?

Prive Aesthetics is the ultimate slimming centre for women in Singapore, and below are the reasons why you must appoint us in your fitness-spree. Our bodywork comprises of three divisions that include body contouring, firm & tone and shaping your back. Check out all that you can have from us.

·         Body contouring

We give you premium body contouring services that will help you go back to your early 20s. We offer Z Combi, Ultra Lipo Fat Reduction, Laser Lipo Body Shaper, Cyro Fat Freeze Therapy and Inch Vanquish treatments. All of these will give you different ways to shape yourself, and you can choose what you think is best for you. On meeting us, we will analyze your fitness condition and suggest you the best treatments you can go with.

·         Firm & tone

Firm & tone your body with our second set of bodyworks treatment. Here, we will help you with Cellulite Smoothie, Legacy Restore, Elite Smooth Tone and Accent Ultra Body treatments. These treatments are the finishing touch to your weight loss regimen, and must be followed after your weight loss process. These will tone down your body and make you look like a supermodel.

·         Others (back)

Who doesn’t want to have a sexy back that can carry any backless outfit or make the back tattoo look pretty? Our bodyworks services include shaping up your back as well. We give you treatments to have a Sexy Back, Silky Back Peel and Flawless Back. According to what you think can suit you the most, avail our back services and never ever shy away from your backless apparels.

We, at Prive Aesthetics, know that having a perfect body is not easy. We are flawed but we are all marching towards perfection. You ought to check out the best of services so that you can make yourself look like you have made it to your body goals. Our healthy treatments follow the best of technology and skill so that you get what you deserve. We give you the best of rates so that you are satisfied from all probabilities and get the best of service, care and cost.

Prive Aesthetics is not only a slimming centre for women in Singapore but it also gives you plenty of other services to look out for. We have the best of beauty remedies to make you look like you’ve never imagined yourself to be. It is time to unveil the best of you, and we are going to help you get there.