Benefits of Physical Education Can Help in Overall Development- Know It From Jonathan Lauter

Benefits of Physical Education Can Help in Overall Development- Know It From Jonathan Lauter

In a technologically driven society, it is unfortunate that people have lost their touch with the real world to a great extent, and are more alive in their virtual world. This has caused the health experts and doctors like Jonathan Lauter to emphasize on the importance of physical education, as that is what will help everyone understand the need for physical activities in the overall development of an individual.

The increasing number of illnesses and diseases in the present times is a matter of concern, and this has mostly come about in reckless living and lack of physical activities. The smart phones and gadgets might have made life easier but they sure have pulled back the masses in terms of their health conditions. It is surprising to see, young children meet up at a park in the name of playing outdoor games and all they do is sit next to each other and get busy with their mobile phones. It is an irony that while the phones became mobile, they made the humans immobile.

The saddest part is probably the fact, the parents too do not realize this, and they themselves resort to gadgets to pacify their children. It is time that parents need to encourage their children to become engaged in various types of physical activities and inculcate in them the need to educate themselves about maintaining the overall goodness of their being.

Physical education encourages one to become involved in socialization and thereby enhancing the ability to work in a team. Jonathan Lauter is a psychiatrist who specializes in child and adolescent psychology and he knows well what things shape the mindset of a child. He too, has advocated the need of physical education in the life of a child.

Playing is responsible for increasing the physical activity of a child, it enhancing the durability and ability to fight sicknesses as well. Your capacity to endure the tough situations of life are also empowered by mixing around with other people by means of physical activities. Through this you eventually learn how to deal with various types’ situations in the future and also how to maintain your physical health.

The moment your physical health is under control and functioning in an optimum way, immediately your mental health too gets a boost and you end up having a happier life. Physical education is also instrumental in making oneself disciplined. Once you get into a habit of taking care of your lifestyle from childhood, you are bound to take it with you all through your life and pass it down to the generations following you. But people of this kind are quite rare and hence, a need for more health conscious people are required in the society; this again leads to the undeniable importance of physical education in everyone’s life.

Your happiness is in your hands, the moment you realize the need to get physical education and become aware of the importance of physical activities in your life, you have already advanced one step into a content and blissful life.