Best places to go camping in British Columbia

Best places to go camping in British Columbia

There is nothing more Canadian than going camping in the summer time, and no better place in this country to do than in British Columbia. Want to embrace this beloved national tradition? Book your site in the following places, and prepare to have one of the best weekends of your life.

1) Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Dream of hearing the soft sounds of breakers as you awake in your tent? If so, travelling to one of the campgrounds within Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is what you’ll want to do. Situated between Tofino and Ucluelet on Vancouver Island’s wild west coast, this park protects coastal rainforest and some of the best ocean beaches you’ll find in the entire province.

Spend your days perfecting your surfing form at Cox Bay, or go for a hike through some of the lushest forest you’ll find in Canada.

Sometimes, however, the weather can be less than cooperative in this part of the world. With direct exposure to the open Pacific Ocean, rain or fog can roll in at a moment’s notice, even during the sunny days of summer.

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2) Whistler

While it is most famous for being one of North America’s foremost snow destinations, Whistler is a legitimate four season resort. With plenty of hiking, golfing, and mountain biking available, you’ll feel like a genius for sleeping amidst nature instead of bunking up in an expensive hotel.

With everything from full service sites which cater to RV’ers to remote wilderness campsites where you can truly commune with nature, there is an option here for everyone – just be bear smart if you choose the latter option, as there are plenty who live in the woods beyond the towns in the valley.

3) Shuswap Lake

Want to combine a camping holiday with the freedom of a houseboating one? Plan a camping trip to Shuswap Lake. Many campgrounds have a beach frontage of the lake, allowing you to spend many days lazing about in the Central BC sun, all while having a general store not far away where snacks can be procured.

However, the fun really begins when you rent a houseboat. With numerous bays, arms, and fellow mariners around, it will be an enjoyable experience in which you won’t regret partaking.