Black and white is an evergreen fashion trend – Read on!

Black and white is an evergreen fashion trend

Black and white – the two versatile colors of the monochrome band are the colors of all seasons and have been favoured by stalwarts of the fashion world time and again. The trends in the same are surely not going to fade anytime sooner and you should too not shy away from choosing an outfit in these colors.

Here are some tips on how you can wear these two colors and make a style statement. Read on to know more:

Wear the dominant color

Pick out the color that you want to feature more on the outfit among black and white and then style yourself accordingly.  This is essential if you do not want to end up creating a restaurant-oriented look as you might see among the waiters. Play smartly with the blacks and whites if you want to enhance your look. Or for instance, if you are a mayhem fan, then black is probably your color. Choose a black t shirt with the print of your favourite band and you are ready to attend a music concert.

Go for prints in black and white apparel

If you do not prefer wearing clothes in one color, then you can choose to opt for printed apparel in black and white to brighten up the look. With this, you can achieve a softer look rather than the absolute sharp white or black look.

Mix and match with another hue

The best thing about these two monochrome colors is that you can always pick up a hint of different colors with the dominant shades and throw something bright or strong that would compliment them. Make sure that you do not try this combination with pastel colors as these might ruin the look and often do not go well with the monochrome colors. Try out different citrus colors with the black and white theme. However, choose the accessories in monochrome.

Wear shades of grey

If you want a soft look, then you can choose the combination of white and black i.e., grey for the outfit. Grey is a perfect color if you want to wear something casual, therefore you can choose it if you are planning to hangout with your friends. Also, it is recommended that you experiment with the fabric in a single outfit otherwise it might look dull.

Choose trim and piping patterns

With the monochrome colors present on a single piece of clothing, half of your work is already done. You can go for pants and jacket with the piping pattern with one of either black or white as a dominant color.

Wear monochrome to defy your body size

Black and white are magic colors and would do wonders if you are short in height. Not only wearing an outfit in the same make you appear slightly taller, but it also makes you look slimmer. Choose something in horizontal stripes and you would surely be able to change your appearance completely.

Create a good balance

This particular rule is not just restricted to the monochrome colors but to others as well. To balance the colors in the outfit, you can choose different proportions in the bottoms as well as tops which would make for an incredible look. Take, for instance, you can wear a flowy top with a fitted bottom so as to ensure the right proportion.

For those who want to experiment with the monochrome colors should do so without a second thought and follow the above-mentioned tips for days when you are not sure about the outfit. Go ahead and grab the look right away!