Busting The Myths of Cheap Air Tickets

Lufthansa Airlines

Whether the airlines are offering you a discount or you are booking a ticket on a Tuesday, there’s no guarantee that you are getting the best deal. Here are a few myths unveiled for you to understand how the business of airfares works. This will help you book smart, the next time you fly.

Some book on a Tuesday. Others wait for the magic hours. But do the two scenarios guarantee cheap tickets? Maybe not! You’ve lived those myths that promise cheap tickets for way too long. Here are a few truths that help you book the right flights next time and cash on the best deals without waiting for the magical day.

  • Myth #1

There are Magic Hours to Buy Cheap Fare

This is for everyone who believes in the concept of some magical hours for cheap air tickets. Let’s just say; it’s the biggest myth of all. The fares of airlines can change each day and with every passing minute. With the concept of putting non-refundable tickets on hold, this is even more obvious. There’s no added fee for these cancellations, which makes the fluctuation in airfares even more rampant.

It all depends on the seat coming back into the inventory at a given time.

  • Myth #2

Fares are at their Lowest in the Middle of the Week

We have all heard the story about Tuesdays and Thursdays being the days for cheapest airfare. This may be true sometimes as these are the days that fall in the middle of the week, but that doesn’t mean you get good deals “only” on those two days. A better way to buy cheap tickets is to check the airfares of 3 days before and 3 days after your chosen date to get the best fare. A flight on a Saturday or Sunday might turn out to be cheaper than a flight on a Wednesday to the same destination.

  • Myth #3

Don’t Buy At the Last Minute

Whether it’s Lufthansa, Air India, Emirates or any other brand of airlines, you can always get lucky with last minute bookings. This usually depends on the destinations and availability. This is especially true for international flights. Sometimes, you can get some excellent bargains on trips when you book last minute. While you should plan in advance, last minute bookings could give you some amazing deals too.

  • Myth #4

Booking through Flight Websites Directly Guarantees you a Better Fare

This is the biggest lie. Don’t ever buy into something like this just because “a friend told you”. Good travel portals will give you equal to or better fares of airlines than the fares you will find on the airline website. This is because of bulk deals they enter with the airlines, due to which, they are entitled to best discounts from airlines, and a part of this benefit is transferred to passengers using these portals to book flights.

  • Myth #5

Sale Means Cheap Tickets

Just like any other commodity, sales do not mean it’s all coming cheap. Especially when it’s about airfares. Flying is a commodity in today’s world. The best deal gets the most clients. And sales are meant to attract more customers. But do they offer the best discounts and promise cheap tickets? May be not. Check those prices on other days too, and you’ll understand the difference.

You will always have some airlines that help their passengers buy an upgrade when they check in at the airport at a nominal fee. But these chances are rare and also depend on the distance the flight is covering. The next time you fly, you know what to look for!