Buy an old Car and Truck from La Poste

Buy an old Car and Truck

When looking for a used vehicle, it is possible to turn to an ex administration vehicle. But this involves risks and procedures that need to be known. What are they ? Is it a good good choice or is it better to go its way? 

The Post frequently renews its vehicle fleet. Diesel or LPG fuel is gradually being replaced by cleaner electric models. But the reformed models do not necessarily end up being scrapped. A good majority end up in the second hand market, at fairly low prices generally well below the odds.

Where to find them?

In addition to its utility vehicles, La Poste has a fleet of 4,000 private vehicles, which it regularly renews and more than 40,000 utility vehicles and trucks. They are sold in auctions to the highest bidder. The list is available here . These are different models of French brands, generally less than five years old and less than 100,000 kilometers long. In all, there are 10,000 vehicles, from the city to the trucks that pass through this support every year with the key, good business in general.

They can also be found on classified ad sites, sometimes with other owners. These are vehicles that have been driven by a number of people and sometimes in rather neglected states.


Buy a car that belonged to La Poste to its advantages

•Recent models;
• The models are rigorously monitored by the manufacturers and are therefore well maintained;
• They are sold at attractive prices.

The inconvenients