Choosing Your Interior Decorator: Our 6 Tips

Choosing Your Interior Decorator

For several years, interior designers have been a real success. But facing the legion of professionals who invested the market, it is not always easy to find the right professional . Especially since it is to your intimate space that the interior designer will tackle. So how to choose his professional among the many existing companies? will accompany you in this process using six key tips.

Define Your Project Well Upstream

This advice is as important as it seems obvious. The more you think upstream what you want, the more relevant and effective your research will be. Here are some questions to sweep the most important: what are your needs and desires? Is it simply a question of relooking your interior or do you want to completely reconsider the layout? And what budget do you have? These questions will help you determine which professional is the most suitable for your project: interior designer or interior designer.

Make Sure That The Professional You Are Calling Is The Man (Or Woman) Of The Situation

There are as many different jobs as you can have desires! For each type of work its professional. This choice will therefore depend mainly on your needs. Do you need someone who will take care of everything from A to Z or just a counselor to enlighten you on the possibilities to make a room more enjoyable? As long as your project does not require a building permit, you must appeal to the interior designer.


This will help you to rethink your interior to make it a unique place in your image. If, on the other hand, it is a matter of rearranging the space by removing bulkheads or by attacking the load-bearing walls, you must necessarily go through an interior designer.

Consult A Maximum Of Books And Internet Windows

Each professional decorator has a book with all of his achievements. To be sure to be in phase, do not hesitate to consult the windows of our professionals on our site. Check out their experience and fame. Check out the comments left by users who have used them.

And contact a maximum by specifying that you wish to receive their book. With all these cards in hand, you will be able to make sure that the interior designer you have chosen will be able to realize the project that is close to your heart and that his style corresponds to you.

Pay Attention To The Hourly Rate And To The Detail Of The Costs

Do not hesitate to quickly address the budget issue, and pay attention to the hourly rate or the fixed rate of those on which you have set your sights. The price of an interior decorator can vary greatly depending on the professional’s reputation and the region in which he practices.

We therefore advise you to ask for an estimate before any commitment. Check what the estimate includes (design, materials, labor) and be careful with the details and list of work to be done. With, you have the possibility to receive 5 quotes from professionals selected for you by us. And for more information on prices, see our article on prices charged by interior designers .