Corporate Gifting –Things to Do and NOT!

Corporate Gifting –Things to Do and NOT

Who doesn’t like the idea of gifts! Irrespective of the gender and age, a gift will make the recipient feel valued and loved. Moreover, it will help you to connect with the recipient. However, choosing a gift for employee or client is not an easy job. This is because you might end up spending a fortune on the gift but it might be useless for the recipient. These days gifting is not limited to special occasions and festivals. Companies are taking a note of the corporate gifting trend. With the help of these, they are recognizing the employee’s effort and hard work.

If you have a company and are planning on giving gifts to your employees and clients, here are some dos and don’ts you need to follow.


Creative Presentation is Important

If you wrap up a beautiful gift in a shoddy manner, it will downsize its value to zero. However, if you are creative with the presentation, you can make an average gift look amazing. It will not only create an excitement among the recipient but will also improve its value. In case you are sending the gift to a prospective partner or client, the gift will carry your signature or brand image. Hence, this is all the more reason you should not compromise on the gift presentation.

Give It Yourself

You should give out gifts which you are sure can be used by the entire office not simply by the purchasing department. This will not only help in raising their morale but will also get rid of the office resentment of the junior level employees who are usually left out. Even though it might be pretty difficult for a large office, it is necessary to do this.

Put Your Ego in Check

Corporate gifting will help in marketing your company. However, you should tone it down. Even you might be excited to wear a windbreaker or hat that has embroidered the company logo in large size, other will not. You can print the company logo at the back. This looks trendy and fashionable.


Overly Expensive Gifts

You should avoid cheap gifts at all cost. However, you shouldn’t even go overboard with your gift. A gift which costs you a small fortune might make the recipient a little uncomfortable, particularly in proportion to the amount that you spend on their salary. You need to pay safe with a realistic budget. Don’t spend too much.

Comedic Corporate Gifts

The success of funny corporate gifts depends on the level of humor of your client. Thus, it might be a hit or a miss. If you are not confident that the humor will be well-received, the best option is to play safe. This way you will be able to gift something that they like.

Offensive Gifts

You should not choose a gift which can offend your clients. For instance, if you giving it for Christmas, you should know whether they celebrate it or not before giving out the gift. Hence, giving out a Christmas themed hamper will be pretty useless. Moreover, it is better to avoid gifts which have a strong language or a potentially offensive message.

A gift will motivate your employees. Their recognition of hard work in the company will tell them that their efforts will not go in vain.