Deliver The Best Business Presentation

Deliver The Best Business Presentation

One of the biggest fears people have is public speaking. No matter how outgoing you may be, there’s still a bit of fear inside all of us when it comes to speaking in front of many people. The way you handle that fear is what makes a difference. The best way to have a successful business presentation is to ensure you handle several key things. Check out the list below which gathers the best ways to deliver the best business presentation ever!

1. Tell a story

“Show, don’t tell.” For all intents and purposes, you are essentially telling a story. Whether your story is data-driven with numbers and graphs, or you are a marketing representative discussing the benefits of changing your marketing strategies, you are conveying a story. Make sure it is interesting, compelling, and entertaining. Your professional knowledge will take over once you get going and your colleagues will certainly be listening.

2. Change up the look

Your presentation is likely going to need a computer and screen, or a drawing board with visuals. Whatever you do, ensure that your visual pieces are eye-appealing, clear, and concise. Some business presentations last a long time. No one wants to sit through a lengthy presentation when they have to look at the same 2 or 3 graphs. Add some pictures, showcase graphs and visuals with different colors. If you can, try to incorporate an interesting video. Excellent visuals and video will break up the monotony of what people are seeing and keep them engaged and interested.

3. Allow the listeners to become involved

Making sure the people you are presenting to are involved is an excellent way to make them interested, but also make sure they are listening! Consider asking questions before, during and after your presentation. Engage with them during a visual to ask what their thoughts are. Pass out a questionnaire to gauge their level of understanding and professional input on the topic at hand. When their gears are spinning, you can be sure they are absorbing what you are saying and will respond positively to your presentation.

4. Don’t memorize and be sure to pace yourself

Don’t feel like you are an actor on a stage play. There is no reason for you to memorize everything you want to present. Take notes, read off a sheet of paper, ensure you are presenting the facts and information correctly. Having a set of notes will also keep you on track and allow you to pace yourself. When you pace yourself properly, you end up making sure you are speaking at a normal speed. Not too fast, not too slow. You might suffer from excessive sweating, but get that under control and don’t dwell on it.

5. Know your audience

This is an extremely important piece of advice. Look out to the faces and eyes that are listening whenever you can. If you are reporting information to a group you work with, let them know who will be doing what moving forward or call them out specifically if there is information you know will be pertinent to them. If your boss is in the audience, make sure to make eye contact and look professional. This will go a long way.

6. Arrive early

This may seem like a no-brainer, but come early before your presentation. Take time to set everything up, go over your notes again, make sure you have proper-running visual and sound equipment. Once everyone is sitting in their respective spots and you begin, there should be nothing that slows you down. Once the presentation begins, you are in complete control.

When presenting a business presentation, it is best to always come fully prepared and knowledgeable. You can make an incredible impression to your colleagues and boss if you know everything you are discussing. If your presentation comes across well enough, you may even be considered for a promotion. Be passionate about your topic and provide a wealth of information that you know will be important for the company and the people you work with. Most importantly, just relax and be yourself. Chances are, people are impressed you are providing such valuable information in an interesting and positive way.