Embracing the Digital Way of Life!

movie tickets online

All aspects of our lives are getting digitized. Digitization is woven into everything we do in our lives. This is changing the way we need to think and work and the skills needed to be successful. It is speeding up the way we connect, acquire knowledge, think, and make decisions. The rules of competition are concurrently being rewritten due to digitization. None of us would have foreseen what 2016 looks like back in the nineties. It all started after the Y2K boom.The astonishing part is that the change has been the most in the last 5 to 10 years.

The human touch keeps decreasing and the digital face of a person is emerging!We are currently using email IDs and ten digits numbers used in phone memories, and we may soon be known only by our social media handles. We are living two lives one is real life and another one is virtual or digital life. In a similar manner, movies are also going or following the digital way where the bookings and tickets, trailers, reviews, cancellations and feedback are available on the digital channel.

Movies are being watched with digital ticket or even just a digital code which is in your pocket to enter the theatres. Now movie tickets online are helping theatre owners to cut cost on paper.The apps are sharing the ticket digitally on your phone in the form of barcode or form of an SMS or now even multimedia message. There are many apps which help customers to book movie tickets online or any event! The ones which will offer some movie ticket offers or movie ticket coupons when you are booking more than one ticket is what customers like to choose from.

The day is not far when even the grocery shop or branded cloth houses will send the bills on your mobiles for your records. This will be a huge change towards saving paper and in turn the duty to save the environment for future generations.If we see this as an initiative or even follow the technology then event organizers and adventure park owners should start issuing the digital ticket instead of a paper ticket.

Technology will help sellers to cut printing cost but also it will also be handy for customers and convenient too with the majority of people using smartphone. Thus in today’s fast moving world for a working individual, any kind of ticket booking has become a child’s game. For movie lovers, cinema ticket booking is a blessing for ardent travellers, booking train, bus& flight tickets online is the best thing and the list goes on and on! This can be done from an individual’s smartphone or laptop. Customers are more likely to use the apps which will show the details of upcoming movies, movie show timings and so on.

Thus now a miniscule percentage of people go to the theatre to book the tickets over the counter and 70-80% of people book their favourite movies by using one or the other movie ticket online booking site. The world and people are slowly but surely moving towards a digital way of life.