Five Handy Tips to Vacuum Your Carpet

Five Handy Tips to Vacuum Your Carpet

Having a carpeted home looks elegant, but keeping the carpet clean is quite a task, especially in houses with kids or pets and areas with high foot traffic. Keeping the carpet clean is, however, mandatory. This is because it improves the appearance of the carpet and is also vital for the health of the people who use it as a dirty carpet can be home to microbes and allergens.

Here are few tips to keep it clean by proper vacuuming.

  1. Vacuum Regularly: Vacuum regularly the entire area, including those areas with low traffic. If you wait for it to get dirty and vacuum, it takes a lot of effort to clean the carpet. It might be possible that the perfect cleaning cannot be done as the dust settles into the carpet fibres and sinks to the bottom. When you vacuum it regularly, it doesn’t sink to the bottom and it looks cleaner and newer for a longer duration. You don’t necessarily have to go for the best vacuum cleaner in India to get the job done. In fact, any regular vacuum cleaner with good suction would do the job.
  1. Don’t Cleanin Haste: When cleaning your carpet, you need to be patient and let the machine do the job. You need to spend some time at each spot for the machine to fully suck up all the dirt and dust for a cleaner look. When you slow vacuum, it allows the brush to agitate the carpet fibres properly. The hidden dust and dirt emerges and is get sucked up by the machine.
  1. Use the Right Attachment: If you have to clean a thinner woven rug, making use of upholstery attachment is better than power brush. There is also a way to use the vacuum. First, figure out the direction of the rug pile and vacuum in a direction perpendicular to the pile. Stroking against the pile can cause the softer wools to break, thereby damaging your rug. If you vacuum with the pile direction, the fibres will cover and protect the dirt rendering your efforts useless. Finding the direction of the pile is easy. Just brush your hand on the rug and if you feel resistance then you are brushing against the pile.
  1. Vacuum Both Ways: Vacuuming in one direction only will not get all the dust and dirt removed. Some will definitely take shelter under the carpet fibres. You need to vacuum in both the directions whether it is north and south or east and west to ensure that every last speck of dust gets sucked up leaving your carpet totally clean.
  1. Check the Dirt Bag: Any vacuum works to the best of its efficiency only when the bags or the column that stores the sucked-up dust is half full. Once it crosses that limit, the machine starts to lose its efficiency. Also, if you have a bagged vacuum, make sure never to reuse the vacuum bag as the efficiency, in that case, is cut straight away by 50%. So, check the dirt chamber before starting the carpet cleaning spree so that your effort doesn’t go waste.

It is an ideal device for cleaning your home quickly and with minimal efforts. There are ample of good quality vacuum cleaners available in the market and you can buy the one that suits your needs the best. The catch, however, is that owning alone is not going to solve the purpose. You need to know the right way of using it to get the best results.

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