Five of The Hottest Dark Blonde Hair Colours Ever

dark blonde hair

Dark blonde hair color is a versatile color that can be worn in any season of the year. It ranges from dark golden hue to a refreshing hue of dark ash which makes it ideal for many skin tones. The warmer colors are suitable for summer and spring while cool and neutral shades work better in winter and autumn.

Dark blonde is also captivating with accentuates of brown and black highlights. If you are planning to change your hair color for dark blonde hair color, we recommend darker shade as this offers an effortless transition because you can work on it in different ways regarding various highlights and dark tones combination.

  1. Golden Dark Blonde

This is elongated, round, layered hairstyle with highlights of dark blonde. It works with most hair types and faces shapes, and it doesn’t require much maintenance costs. Recreating it is also easy.

  1. Natural Dark Blonde

This is a natural hair. The color application and styling of this cut doesn’t require much of your effort. The color is applied at the base of the hair without compromising on the dimension of the hair.

This style can be worn in various ways. You can use your natural texture and improve it subtly with some sleek curls using a traditional curling iron.

  1. Shimmery Dark Blonde Balayage

This dark blonde hair sombre is created to improve shimmer and dimension to the fine hair. It brings out an illusion of youthfulness.

Sombre is a suitable choice for the ladies with long shaped faces. The shadowing effect created in the corners brings out an oval-shaped face. This is an ideal choice of color for the women who are busy, and they need s style that is trendy and chic with less commitment to maintenance.

    4. Sunsets on The Beach

As the name suggests, the sunsets on the beach is an ultimate inspiration for this style. If you want to try this look, it is essential to know your hair type and what you need. Take time to choose a color that will be suitable for your skin tone, and you will love the results.

  1. Trendy and Soft

Naturally, this is a stylish and sleek look. The dark blonde hair base creates a modern, sophisticated and soft dimension. For best results, opt for the colors that will perfectly complement your skin tone and bring a total change to your look.

However, this hairstyle is not for the heart-fainted. You need to be committed and exercise a great deal of patience. You may have to visit your stylist severally to achieve the degree of lightness you need. It is only by being committed that you can meet some of your hair goals!