Get Set And Dress Up Yourself

Get Set And Dress Up Yourself

Get Set and Dress Up Your Style with Panach!

Self-expression is vital to how society interacts and develops with each other. That being said, fashion matters! It’s significant to our financial system, humanity and to us individually. This is because self-expression relays to the world who we are and what we are all about. What we wear gives a glimpse into our personalities in the same manner that the eyes are a window to the soul does. Statistics show that first impressions are made within the first seven seconds of meeting a person. We should always be dressed to adequately represent ourselves and attract people that can help shape and mold our dreams. Fashion is an art form in and of itself, so it’s important to know the attest trends and innovation in the beauty industry. Being well-dressed cultivates a sense of confidence in us which makes people willing to get involved and socialize. Never be caught off guard again or feel awkward with what you’re wearing. Step out with the latest style tips and advice from the experts.

  • Be Tactical About Showing Skin!

Even if a person has the body of a fitness model, it is crucial to balance the fine line between trashy and classy! Stylists recommend following the “ONE RULE.” This rule means that a person picks only one area to show off at a time. For example, if a lady is a wearing the latest mini skirt out with her favorite designer shoes, she would want to make sure no cleavage or midriff is showing. Leaving something to the imagination is a good thing when dressing up for a night out on the town.

  • Crisp White Button-Down Blouses Are In!

White button down tops never go out of style and can take an outfit from lame to fame quick. They are excellent for making a coordinated look with big patterns or items that are hard to pair with. A white blouse looks super cute with jeans and a scarf and you can’t go wrong using them as professional attire. Make sure that they are not faded and have that just starched and ironed crisp look. White shirts have a tendency to yellow and depending on the material, wrinkle. A good tip is to have them laundered at the cleaners often. It may cost a few dollars more, but think of the time and stress that will be saved. Plus, laundering them at the cleaners professionally will afford the investment a longer shelf life.

  • Bright and Bold Colors Are In!

Bright, bold and beautiful is what all of the fashion designers are talking about these days. Anything bright and cheery just does something to the spirit of a person that surprisingly lifts it. Bright colors are also perfectly paired with neutrals and help to not break up the vision or eye, so to speak, when someone is staring at an ensemble. A pair of cherry red high heels paired with a great pair of black slacks will really draw the eye right to the shoe. So whatever the wearer wants to showcase, use that as the focal point and choose a beige, gray, brown, navy or white to go with it. Bright pieces take the dreary out of a pair of neutral slacks and steps it up with an invigorating “kick in the pants!” Pun absolutely intended there! Another great thing to do, if one is feeling rather adventurous, is to add the targeted bright color to another accessory. For example, a silk lemon top with a coordinated lemon handbag will do wonders for a navy jean skirt. Oroton Australia has some pretty spectacular accessories that are definitely worth checking out!

  • Invest in Scarves Of All Varieties!

A scarf has the power to instantly change the perception and style of an ensemble. They are a great accessory to always have on hand for many reasons and they never go out of style. Scarves are just plain fun! Whether it is draped on a handbag or tied in a bow-knot around a person’s neck, scarves are elegant and just make perfect sense. Trending now are jeweled and puffer scarves. Gone are the days of our mothers and grandmothers who only put scarves on their heads for a windy day or for a drive in the convertible. Scarves are the new “IT” accessory of the season to pull together apparel and express character.

  • Do Denim but Do It Smaller!

We all adore a good pair of jeans! What is not to love with the wide variety of looks from skinny jeans to the classic boyfriend? Jeans are the perfect addition to a new wardrobe and it is safe to say every person has got at least one pair, if not a dozen lying around. With jeans however, we should be purchasing them a size smaller than we are. Jeans tend to stretch out after a few hours of wearing them and a Baggy saggy rear end is not that attractive at all.

Jeans on the market today are blended with spandex and depending on the percentage, can lose their shape very fast. Purchasing jeans a size below is the way to avoid the soggy bottom blues! Trending now, designers are using skinny jeans to showcase wedges and platform shoes. To mimic this great style, simply roll up the skinny jean slightly above the shoe.

Dressing ourselves for style, occasion and weather is something people do each and every day. So why not do it with a little flavor and style. As it relates to fashion, we all enjoy buying something nice for ourselves from time to time and this year’s trends are just what a person needs to freshen up their look and wardrobe. Fashionistas everywhere love a good trend and rush out to make that trend their own. Somebody famous once surmised that they liked having their money exactly where they could lay eyes on it…hanging in their wardrobe!