Helpful TIPS In Choosing The Perfect Concealer

Helpful TIPS In Choosing The Perfect Concealer

When you are using makeup on a daily basis, you know that a concealer is a “must have” out of the different makeup products that you should have in your kit. There are plenty of concealer types on the market today. Urban Decay’s Naked skin concealer is one of the well-known products. But is this the right one for you?

You have to know and choose the right type of concealer texture for you. Other than a liquid concealer, there are still other options that you can choose from. With the right texture that can perfectly work with your skin, it will make a huge difference in your overall look.

The Different Types of Concealer Texture

            As mentioned above, there are different types of concealer textures. Liquid, balm, and even cream and stick concealers. There are specific textures depending on your skin type. Whether you have an acne-prone skin, dry, or maybe an oily skin, you have to know which ones would work for you to create a more natural look as much as possible.

  • Liquid Concealer. (Less Coverage; Oily to Normal Skin). If you have less blemishes to cover up, this is the perfect texture for your skin type. It can cover minimal circles under your eyes and redness on your skin. If you have a dry skin, make sure that you put on moisturizer first before applying the concealer.
  • Balm Concealer. (More Coverage; Oily to Normal Skin). This concealer is much thicker which can stay on your skin all day even if you have an oily skin type. There are plenty of balm concealers on the market today and some have color correctors. This means that it can be used under your foundation to neutralize the colors. It has a heavy texture that will be perfect for layering.
  • Cream Concealer. (Less Coverage; Normal to Dry Skin). This has a thicker texture compared to the other concealers textures. This usually comes in a pot and is perfect if you need to hydrate a normal to dry skin. If for example, you have a skin prone to breakouts or if you have a sensitive skin, choose a cream concealer that is oil-free, it should be alcohol-free and also non-comedogenic.
  • Stick Concealer. (More Coverage; Normal to Dry Skin). Most concealer sticks have a semi-solid texture. This is a perfect choice if you need to cover up blemishes and dark spots. Stick concealers are compact and can be used if you need to touch up your skin when you are in a rush. However, remember that this is not easy to spread out. This should be avoided by individuals with oily or combination skin types, especially during the warmer days.

When choosing the right concealer texture, make sure that you also do your own research. There are plenty tutorial videos and articles online that you can use as your guide when deciding for a concealer. Make sure that you base your texture on the ones listed above and use it as your guide since every skin type has a concealer texture of recommendation.