Here’s how contemporary art differs from modern art by Mark Borghi Gallery NYC

Mark Borghi Gallery NYC

Modern art is basically the artistic works that are produced in the period starting in the 1880s and that ended in the 1970s approximately. On the other hand, contemporary art follows modern art, starting from 1970s to now and continuing. Both contemporary and modern art are two diverse art era in the art movement.

Mark Borghi Gallery NYC explains the major differences between modern and contemporary art

The major difference between the contemporary and modern art is not of technique but of the period that it has been produced in. Even though, there are no precise time mentioned that define both periods, modern art refers to creative works formed in the period beginning in the 1860s or around 1880s and ended approximately in the year 1970s. Experts say that contemporary art follows modern art, which starts from 1970s and is still going on.

According to Mark Borghi Gallery NYC modern art is a name that identifies the fashion and viewpoint of the art produced during that period. This art is aimed to come out from the traditions of the past and experiment with innovative ways of seeing and with fresh ideas about the nature of supplies and functions of art. The traditional art has been considered as classic which intended to represent authenticity or realism throughout description. Moreover, modern art usually play and experiment with more abstract and bold ideas.

On the other hand, contemporary art, which follows the period of modern art, is believed to have started from 1970s and is still continuing. Certain art museums describe contemporary art as arts that have been created after the end of World War II. As a result, all the artists out there who are making artworks are part of the contemporary art movement. This though does not mean that they cannot be enthused or predisposed by the ancient times movements. Most of the contemporary artworks use a range of techniques and materials, which include new technologies such as three-dimensional, computers, performances and live elements, etc.

This is why Mark says that even though modern art and contemporary art may sound alike, in appearance and practice they are quite different. In several ways, modern art has build the foundation for contemporary art, as they have taken place unswervingly as a result of technical developments in society and are apprehensive with being analytic of accepted culture or society related problems of their individual time era.

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