How Long Does New Window Installation Typically Take?

Are you tired of looking at rotten frames and cracked glass? Perhaps you’re fed up with chilly drafts that spike your utility bill and water leaks that cause costly damages during seasonal rains. Maybe the hum or traffic and the screams of neighborhood kids are grating on your last nerve.

When your windows are old, outdated, or damaged beyond repair, it’s time to start thinking about window replacement or even upgrades that will help to improve insulation and increase the overall appeal of your home. This process begins with taking measurements and choosing the right windows for your structure and your style sensibilities.

Long Does New Window Installation Typically Take

From there you can have your windows installed post haste, right? Like many major home repairs or renovations, installing new windows can often take longer than you anticipate. If you want to make sure your new windows are installed before inclement weather conditions take hold and make matters more difficult, you need to understand how long it typically takes to install new windows.

Point A to Point B

Most professionals will probably quote you a time frame of roughly 4-8 weeks before installation is complete, and that’s after you pull the trigger, pay the piper, and get the ball rolling. Why does it take so long? There are several factors involved in getting from the ordering phase to completing the installation.

Type of Windows

Whether you order standard sizes of windows or you need custom options, it’s likely to take a few weeks for your windows to be delivered. That said, custom orders may take a bit longer to arrive. This often comprises the bulk of time needed to complete your window replacement project.

Steps Involved

Before you can fling wide the shutters on new windows, there are several steps that must be completed. First, your old windows will have to be removed. This usually happens when your replacement windows have arrived and are ready to be installed. After all, you don’t want your home full of gaping holes and open to the elements for weeks on end.

Once a window has been removed, it could take as little as about 30 minutes to install the new one, although this will depend on the size and type of window, the expertise and efficiency of installers, and other relevant factors, such as the condition of the window casement, for example. However, getting the window in place is not the end of the line. Installers still need to do finishing work like adding trim, repainting, and cleanup.

Your Contractor

Even if you work with a reputable window specialist like Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement, the completion date of your project could depend on several factors beyond your control. For one thing, contractors may already have work scheduled, and if they come highly recommended, there’s a good chance you’re not the only one waiting for work to be done. In other words, you’re at the mercy of your contractor’s schedule.

Knowledge and experience may also play a role. Seasoned professionals are likely to work faster and face fewer setbacks than those new to this line of work. If you want the best chance of getting new windows installed in time for inclement weather, it’s best to choose experienced professionals and check availability well in advance of storm season.