How to Get the Best Value for Money in KohSamui

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So, you’ve decided to visit the tropical paradise of KohSamui for this year’s vacation? Good decision, you won’t be disappointed. Boasting pristine beaches, warm weather and affordable prices, it’s easy to understand why this island is one of Thailand’s tourist hotspots. KohSamui has some of the best vacation rentals in Thailand with many overlooking the beach. Here’s how every tourist and holidaymaker canget the best value for money in this tropical paradise.

Why Should I Bother Saving Money in Such a Cheap Place?

Before we start, let’s address the obvious question. Thailand and KohSamui have a reputation for being a very affordable travel destination. So it makes sense to ask why it’s important to try and cut the costs. Well, frankly, why should you pay more for something that can be found for less? While trying to lower the costs of daily expenses when you eat out probably isn’t worth it, reducing the costs of the more expensive things like fights and accommodation will be worthwhile. After all, any money saved can be better spend on your holiday. Just think that the $200 saved on the flights will pay for a day of snorkelling or island hopping. Or by searching around, you might be able to find to get twice the level of comfort at your accommodation for the same price.

Plan Your Trip

The easiest way to increase your chances of getting the best value for money on any trip is to take the time to plan. Whether this involves monitoring flight prices to make sure you snap up the very best deals or simply choosing to travel in the low season, planning is an essential way to get good value for money. If you’re smart and savvy, it’s possible to save up to 20% to 30% of the initial costs. Spending a little time before getting on the plane not only makes the trip more enriching but it gives you a chance to find ways to get the best value for money. You can also take advantage of discounts and early-bird prices.

Choose You Accommodation Wisely

KohSamui boasts a wide variety of accommodation choices from backpacker hostels to some of Thailand’s most luxurious resorts and vacation rentals. And if you search online for the prices, it’s easy to see that pretty much everything will be much more affordable than other destinations around the world. Take the Maldives as an example: A beach side resort often costs several hundreds if not thousands of dollars per night. A similar one in KohSamui costs a fraction of the price. It’s also possible to find discounts and promotions if you take the time to search online beforehand. Don’t just book the first place you see whether you’re here on a shoestring or for a luxury retreat. It pays to search around.

Take Advantage of Promotions

Promotions are a great way to get good value for money. Tourists can cut back on the costs by taking advantage of special promotions when it comes to booking flights, finding a hotel and joining tours. All it takes is to have a rough idea beforehand and when the opportunity of a lifetime arises to pounce. But the easiest way to get good value would be to search online for exclusive discounts or flash deals on accommodation. While 10% or 20% off the original price might not sound like much, it adds up when you’re planning to spend a week or two in Koh Samui.

Get Free Nights

Having a free night at the resort or hotel will reduce the cost of the trip. But few tourists know that getting a free night isn’t as difficult or impossible as it sounds. Some hotel comparison websites offer incentives that provide one free for every ten nights booked. What this means for a tourist is that you could spend ten days at the resort and then get an extra one free of charge for merely using their website. It pays to search around to see if they have any deals that apply to you and your situation. Don’t neglect contacting the hotel and asking for a free night if you’re planning to spend more than a week at their hotel. The success of this second tactic varies on the hotel and season. But if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Visit in the Low Season

As obvious as it sounds, choosing the low season to visit can see price differences of up to 50% compared to coming during the busiest times of the year. KohSamui’s low season corresponds with the rainiest months of October and November. Most people don’t want to visit an island when the weather lacks the stereotypical endless blue skies. But, the rainy season tends to have short downpours in the late afternoon. More often than not, the mornings are sunny and dry and having a few days of good weather isn’t unheard of. Bargains can be found if you visit outside of peak season and don’t mind a bit of rain.

How to Get the Most Value in KohSamui

This article has provided a few suggestions on how tourists can use a few simple tricks to cut the costs on their trip to KohSamui. With a little preparation, planning and jumping on promotions and discounts can save you a significant amount. And the money saved can then be better spent on having a better experience on your holiday.