How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting

Sometimes we would like to lose weight , but we can not diet because of lack of time or motivation . Weight loss is not a priority for everyone. It is better to lose weight without dieting than not to lose weight at all. Lose weight without dieting is slower than losing weight by following a diet. It is also a more lasting weight loss because it is the result of new habits and not a diet that is given up once the pounds lost.

Defining a Goal

The first step to losing weight without dieting is to set a goal . When losing weight without dieting, weight loss is around 1 to 2kg per month. Your goal should be very reasonable not to demotivate you. Aim for between 1 and 2kg of fat loss per month, depending on your motivation. It may seem little, but a loss of 2kg per month is still a weight loss of 12kg over 6 months and 24kg over a year. Your goal is in the long run. So go slowly and gradually. Below I will describe some good habits to take to lose your excess weight. Try changing a bad habit every week. Do not change all your habits overnight. You will need to remain motivated over the long term to achieve your long-term goal. So save yourself and resist the temptation to change everything overnight.

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Eating habits

The diet is key to losing weight. If you have fat, it is because you eat too often (nibbles) or in too much and of poor quality (fastfood or plates too packed).

Change one habit after another without too much force. For example if you have the bad habit of drinking a lot of soda , try to drink soda only at meals. Here are examples of good habits:

  • Eat slowly (one meal in at least 25 minutes)
  • No longer serving at the table
  • Stop nibbling in the morning
  • Have a good breakfast every morning, including the weekend
  • Eat a little more protein and vegetables
  • Eat a little less carbohydrates and starchy foods ( pasta / rice / bread / semolina )

Your goal is in the long run, so do not be hungry all day. If you are very hungry, eat a little more during meals. Above all, try to eat a little less than usual. You must be satiated at the end of a meal, without being too full.

It is not a diet but a change in lifestyle. You will keep these new eating habits throughout your life, and lose your pounds permanently. By recovering a balanced diet, you will lose your pounds slowly and surely.

Sports habits

Sport is useful for losing weight, it helps burn calories and fat . As for food, you have to go gradually. If you have not been sporting for several years, be careful and check with your doctor first.

If you are already practicing a sport, try practicing as regularly as possible. It is better to run 20 minutes 4 times a week (total = 1h20), rather than an hour once a week (total 1h). Regularity will also help you make sport a habit of life.There is no better sport than another. First choose a sport that you like, or a sport that’s easy to get to – avoid practicing 45 minutes away from home. The best way to practice if you have no equipment or access to a club is to run.Put yourself out and run out for 10 to 20 minutes, 3 times a week at first. When you are accustomed to running regularly, increase session times to 30 minutes per session. Wait until you have one month of regular practice before increasing the running time.Aim for 3 or 4 sessions of training for 30 minutes a week. This is enough to lose weight if you also change your diet without too much strain.