How to Spy On Android Phone Without Letting the User Know

How to Spy On Android Phone Without Letting the User Know

Cell phone spying has no longer remained a revelation for the entrepreneurs and particularly parents. Whether you are a concerned parent or a cynical employer, you might be looking for the tools to monitor the cell phones of your children and employees. The technological advancement and widespread adoption of mobile phones and internet access have introduced us to mobile phone tracking. Particularly intended for parents and employers, the cell phone spying apps allows monitoring and recording the cell phone activities of children and workforce without letting them know. This article discusses how a cell phone spy app enables you to spy on an Android mobile phone.

How to Spy on Android Phone

There are several spy apps that allow tracking the Android phone. However, choosing a secure spy app is crucial. Make sure you choose a feature-rich spy application that provides a complete spying solution. To help you get the best, we have reviewed several cell phone spy apps and found TheOneSpy a reliable and feature-rich app for tracking Android phone. The Android tracking app works in stealth mode and does not produce any sound, icon or notification on the target Android device. It remains undetected in all ways and allows monitoring and controlling the monitored phone without alerting the user of the phone.

How the Android Spy App Work?

The spy app is needed to be installed on the Android phone of children, employees or spouses. It can only be used for legitimate spying. The use of the cell phone spy app for illegitimate purposes is for bidden. The employers and parents can use the app but only after informing their workers and adult children and taking their consent. After installation on the target Android phone, the app gets access to the phone data which includes all the messages, call logs, contacts and media files. The app automatically uploads the phone data to spy app account which is operated by parents and employers on their own devices.

Core Features of Android Spy App

We have enlisted here the main features of the TheOneSpy Android tracking app. Read on to know more about how the app lets you sneak into the phone of someone else.

Spy on Messages

The cell phone spy app lets you read the messages received and sent from the targeted Android phone. You can monitor SMS, MMS and messages exchanged via instant messengers.

Spy on Calls

The Android tracking app records all the incoming and outgoing phone calls and uploads the recorded calls on TOS account. In this way, you can listen and download all phone calls of your children and workers.

Track GPS Location

The spy app keeps you informed about the current and earlier locations of your target. Also, it notifies you about your kids entering or leaving the particular locations.

Monitor Social Media

Social media monitoring is equally significant for the parents and employers. The spy app lets you spy on Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Line, WhatsApp, IMO, Viber, Vine, Hike, Telegram, Tinder, Kik and many other social media apps. You can track messages and call logs of these social media apps and monitor photos, videos and audios shared via these apps.

Monitor Web History

The spy app tracks the internet history of the targeted phone and provides the detail of websites visited and information searched on the monitored Android phone.

Track Emails and Keylogs

The employers can read the incoming and outgoing emails of their workers and access the Keylogs of email addresses, passwords, usernames and messages.

Monitor Surroundings

The spy app lets you see and record what is going on in the vicinity of the monitored Android phone. You can send a command from the TOS account to the targeted phone to capture photos of the surroundings, record surrounding voices and sounds and make short videos of the surroundings with the help of front and back cameras.

Screen Recording

The screen recording lets you monitor and record all the activities performed on the targeted phone here and now.

Track Photos and Videos

You can see the photos, videos and media files saved on the targeted Android phone. Also, you can see the photos and videos deleted from the phone.

Bottom line

That’s not all! TheOneSpy offers even more features to track the Android cell phone of children, employees and spouses. You can visit this website to get the spy app details.


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