How to Successfully Implement a Queue Management System

Queue Management System

Procuring a great queue management system is only one part of the process. The software can only be as effective as its implementation and management. To ensure that you are getting the most out of queue management systems, there are a few critical areas to pay attention to. These areas largely form the basis of whether your new system will work effectively or prove to be money down the drain.

The Greeting

This is the first point of contact between your customers and your business or service. At this point, the management systems should capture crucial information such as name, reason for arrivals and other particulars that help you deliver a superior service. If you do it correctly, the customer feels like he has already been attended to even before coming into contact with the service person.

The Information

The idea behind a queue management system is to shorten queues and waiting times because it is not always possible or practical to eliminate them entirely. A properly functioning and implemented system tells the customer how long he has to wait in line and which queue or counter to go to next. The customer is then in a position to determine how to spend the waiting time most effectively. Knowing exactly how long you have to wait also gives the illusion of shorter waiting times. Directing the client eliminates the possibility that he joins the wrong queue or goes to the wrong counter thus affecting the smooth running of traffic.

The Service

Waiting a short time is great but if the customer doesn’t feel like he is getting a good service, he might prefer the competition the next time. The data collected during the initial greeting phase is invaluable in providing superior customer service. Something as simple as greeting the customer by name makes a world of difference in your interaction with clients. The attendant already knows the reason for the client’s visit allowing her to keep the lines moving and reduce the time spent with each visitor. There are numerous ways to use information from the greet phase to enhance customer service.

The Analysis

Finally, queue management systems collect crucial data throughout the day. This data can provide valuable insights into your business performance and customers. This in turn helps you identify areas where you can improve the queuing experience, waiting time or customer service.

A QMS is only as effective as its implementation so you have a responsibility to ensure that the system is set up to provide maximum results. Prefer a vendor who helps with installation, implementation and maintenance to guarantee that you get the most returns from your investment.