Is Your Finished Basement Warm?

Your Finished Basement Warm

Isn’t it the time to upgrade your basement? Basement renovation is an excellent way to expand the usable square footage of your house without adding an extra room. The only typical problem you may face with is the humidity of basement area. Certainly you cannot avoid regular chills and dampness, but you can control them with the help of heating and humidity control systems. Discover here what measures can be taken.

  • Heating

A pre-installed heating system with forced-air can be extended for additional heat into the finished basement. However, this ductwork should be done properly by qualified experts only. Otherwise, without proper adjustment a finished basement end up having cold basement area and stale air in the rooms above.

Heat sources are not limited to electrical wirings. The following inexpensive options provide additional warmth:

  • Electric baseboard heaters
  • Wood burning stoves
  • Gas burning fireplaces
  • Radiant heat in walls and ceilings
  • Floor finishes

A comfortable warm floor in the basement room is essential requirement for your finished basement. Choosing the correct flooring, consider issue of dampness. The worst choice is carpet flooring that guarantees you not only unpleasant odour, moisture problems, but also presence of allergens and health problems. Therefore, Your vital task is sealing basement slabs preventing moisture from forming underneath carpets. In heated finished basement moisture seeps out through the ground; attacking the concrete. An insulating layer that prevents it from occurring is extruded polystyrene. Consider of fixing cellar chunks as this procedure keeps dampness from shaping underneath floor coverings. Besides, expelled polystyrene works as a protecting layer.

  • Moisture reduction

If there is high moisture levels in the basement, the basement is colder. The problem of dampness can be reduced with dehumidifying unit installation.

  • Efficiency improvement

With improvement of efficiency, pumped into the basement heat will be felt as required. If you have archaic single-paned windows, install double-paned type instead. Another great solution is installing of insulation. Make sure of draft prevention by sealing on basement doors and windows.

Do not accept compromise with required comfort while finishing your basement. Transform your basement into an absolutely habitable area.