Just what your TV needs – DTH

Just what your TV needs – DTH

A well-designed DTH connection with unique D2H offers – what more could your TV set ask for?

It’s easy, it’s accessible, and it’s a simple pleasure. Television offers mass entertainment to one and all, regardless of social standing, age or any other factor. Whether it’s a gripping cricket final between two arch rivals, or a deeply emotional film that has everyone reaching for the tissues, your TV set has the ability to unite your family like few other things can.

So if your TV performs the vital function of entertaining you and your family, how are you keeping it ship-shape? It’s not just about using the TV set carefully and cleaning it regularly. Do you make it run on a cable connection or do you have a better alternative to offer, like a DTH connection?

If it’s the former, we suggest you switch to the latter pronto. Here’s why:

  • A DTH connection is just as accessible as a cable connection. Just inquire about the connection with leading providers like Airtel, and get the connection installed in under a week (from time to inquiry to final installation).
  • DTH offers a far superior TV viewing experience than cable connections. If you need a suitable analogy, let’s just say that DTH is the Blu-Ray to cable’s VCD.
  • Your existing cable connection does not give you the freedom to choose the channels you wish to see. From regional languages to news, from children’s channels to general entertainment, there is a generic bouquet of channels provided and you cannot replace one with the other. In contrast, a DTH connection gives you the choice to choose your preferred channels and pay only for those.
  • Leading providers offer excellent monthly plans. You can choose the pack as per your channel preferences and budgetary expectations.
  • Once the connection is installed and a suitable plan activated, all you have to do is recharge the connection every month. There is no need to wait for a monthly bill or pay anybody in person, like you normally do with a cable connection. The DTH provider sends an SMS to remind you about the impending recharge date – just recharge in seconds using your laptop or smartphone to keep the connection active.
  • Leading providers like Airtel have regular D2H offers on the connection, every month. These D2H offers might range from cashback on the monthly bill, new channels at a special price, or reduction in installation price for a limited period.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of a DTH connection, it’s time to get you the best one: the Airtel DTH. Here’s why:

  • You get access to premium quality programming on an HD set top box.
  • Airtel offers reasonably priced monthly packs and keeps adding new channels regularly. You can also customise the pack or modify it at a later date.
  • There are regular monthly D2H offers to avail. These are applicable on the monthly recharge and during the festive season.
  • Recharging the DTH connection is extremely easy on the myAirtel app or the Airtel website. Recharging also gives you the chance to avail of existing D2H offers.

The best D2H offer can be availed at the time of installation: pay a one-time activation fee and get a base pack for justRs477 per month (332 channels and with 65 free HD channels).