Future Archaeological Students Know About

Know about future archaeological students

Millennia from now, some future archaeological students will unearth a collection of our modern day webcams. Curious to understand these ancient devices, they perform dissections and work to reverse engineer their construction.

They’ll start by cracking open or unscrewing the casing of each device. Quickly, they’ll understand that no matter how distinct or creative the outside structure was designed, the insides are mostly similar in architecture. With the outer case removed, they’ll first encounter the bug-eyed lens, with its seemingly infinite depth. Before detaching the lens from what they know is the circuit board, they account for every resistor, transistor, and capacitor.

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After removing the lens, they reveal the image sensor chip that connects the camera to the circuit board. They know that it’s this chip that is responsible for the potential resolution and frame rate of the webcam.

It’s not long before they note, that unlike a digital camera from the same age, webcams have no built-in or removable memory storage. Webcams are designed to capture and immediately transmit an image. There’s no need to store data. When a webcam is activated, it’s taking the image it captures and transmitting it on to the Internet for prompt consumption.

After calculating for every component in the device, one curious student openly asks, what were the most popular uses of these instant image transmission devices? In their quest to discover how their ancestors busied themselves with this technology, they discovered something more about ancient man, than they did about the gadget in their hands.

Turns out, people wanted to be able to watch their homes while they were not at home. Nothing seems more tedious, right? Well, not until you’ve seen the amazingly entertaining online footage of would-be burglars trying to break into a home – all caught on cam and live reported via a home’s WiFi. Popular services like Ring, rig webcams at a home’s periphery and signal when the webcam detects an intruder. https://ring.com/

Webcams were being used to monitor anything of interest to anyone interested. Zoos put up webcams in their animal enclosures. Coastal surfing areas broadcast live wave conditions for ancient wave surfers. When ground bound automobiles were used to travel to work, traffic webcams were first checked from home, to help plan the morning commute. And beyond the earthly realm, the International Space Station was live streaming from far above. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/live-iss-stream

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