Lorraine: The Wind of the Forests, Walks Between Nature and Contemporary Art

The Wind of the Forests

This year, the formidable human adventure of ”  Vent des Forêts  ” is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It is an atypical project carried out by an association and inhabitants of six agricultural and forest villages of the Meuse. The concept ? Artists set up residence in the region, they live and share the life of their guests from the beginning of their creation until the installation of the work. The public, for its part, can admire the works created by traveling artistic paths .a great initiative to discover and to greet in the heart of Lorraine, until the end of September.

Meet Art and Nature

Meet Art and Nature
Exodus by Joël Thépault © Cédric Duchamp

Since 1997, the year of La Vent des Forêts, some 200 works of contemporary art have been created, of which about a hundred are still visible. They are presented along 7 circuits that can be walked or cycled, or 45 km of marked trails accessible to all and free access. We come here to walk, ask questions, rest or simply recharge.

Choose the circuit that suits you

Choose the circuit that suits you
Salute for all, still agapes to morphatory orphic by Theodore Fivel © Cédric Duchamp

5,000 hectares to cross between forest roads, forest edges and edges of fields. In all, almost 3 days of hiking can be scheduled between early spring and early autumn. The offer is wide, from the “Short circuit” (3 km, 1 h walk) to the circuit “Croix Camonin” (14 km, 4 h 30 walk). There will necessarily be a circuit that suits you.

Presentation of the “Circuit des Trois Fontaines”

Presentation of the "Circuit des Trois Fontaines"
Fontaine by Fabien Lerat © Cédric Duchamp (right in the photo)

On July 13th, we walked this circuit, lasting 2h30. The calm fills you with emotion and serenity. We venture into the heart of the forest, no aggressive noise and just the sound of the wind in the leaves of the trees, the chirping of birds, branches crackling beneath your feet. At the bend of a grove, the works appear magically and challenge you proudly in your bucolic walk. The cows look at you out of the corner of your eye, peaceful and almost not disturbed by your presence.

And then, by chance, we meet the artist Abdul Rahman Katanani who finished the installation of his installation “Mushrooms”, he is accompanied for the occasion of two members of the association to immortalize his entry on this course.

Mushrooms by Abdul Rahman Katanani © Cédric Duchamp

“Mushrooms” is one of the six new works of 2017. Every year you can discover new works of art and therefore pace with a new look at these forest trails.

Abdul Rahman Katanani © VdF 2017

We leave this hike, rested, the batteries swollen to block, ready to go back to face the exhaust pipes and corridors of the subway until the next weekend … where we can leave again in rando on another circuit of the “Wind of the Forests “.

To know more

To know more
Turbin by Matthieu Pilaud © Cédric Duchamp

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