Losing Fat and Losing Weight 5 Effective Methods

Losing Fat and Losing Weight 5 Effective Methods

Losing fat is not about losing weight. It is neither systematic nor immediate to lose weight during an anti-fat diet. Indeed, among the tricks to follow to lose belly , the toning exercises burn fat but also cause a lean mass gain therefore a gain in weight in muscle. We can both get weighed down and slim down!

Here is what happens when one tones up during a diet. The distribution of fat mass-lean mass changes in favor of the muscles. The muscles increase, the fat begins to melt but a conventional balance, not equipped with an impedance-meter, does not indicate it! Weight is all the more easily assumed as the muscles are denser than the fat. This difference in density between the muscles and the fat is estimated to be approximately 18%.

For this reason the changes to be observed in an effective slimming program are more the circumferences of the thighs, belly and arms than the total body weight because the fat volume and the surface adiposity themselves do decrease. Thus the tape measure is a better diet companion than the balance, in particular to regularly monitor the rate of its fat mass .

Do not lose weight is not serious

slim and muscle by losing abdominal fat
Slimming and refining is not necessarily losing weight

The essential to lose weight fast and long lasting by reducing only fat mass is to associate a low-calorie diet as presented below to a healthy, sporty and serene life; overcoming the fat is also chasing the stress and the high cortisol secretion that accompanies it. The following 5 tips are the 5 basic tips to lose fat while keeping yourself in top shape.

1 To lose fat one must not resist hunger

Excessive diets are not an effective method to lose weight. If the body resists hunger, it reacts to stress by defending itself and decreasing its calorie expenditure

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2 To lose fat you have to increase the number of meals

To lose the abdominal fat or the one that is housed on the thighs it is necessary to distribute the total of the daily food in a large number of small meals. The more your body will expend calories to digest and the faster it will lose fat

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3 To lose fat you need to increase carbohydrates and make a diet without fat

It is absolutely necessary to reduce the fat in its diet, but not any fat. The fat content of the oil, butter, cream, and visible fat parts of the meat should be reduced. In compensation, it is necessary to increase the share of unsweetened carbohydrate foods

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4 To lose fat proteins should not be increased

Keep the normal part of protein, no more and no less. Beware of hyperprotein diets, these miraculous weight loss methods promising to lose weight fast and well. There are a few variations, but these diets are all based on a diet too high in protein thus dehydrating

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5 It is necessary to muscle to lose the fat and to be in shape

Strengthening and cardio training is essential to lose weight by losing fat. The obese often absorb less calories than the lean ones but their body spends little calories resting gold, when a diet to lose belly one must also be physically active to increase the basic metabolism

Sports and diet

Waist and Belly Fat

The greater the abdominal fat, the greater the risk to health. This is why it is vital to reduce a waist circumference too large

15 exercises to wrap the abdominal belt for a flat stomach

To lose belly it is necessary to strengthen the muscles that surround it and it is also necessary to reduce its internal volume. The program of this page aims to tone the abdominal belt

static cladding for the lap belt


Too much fat can cause the triglyceride level in the blood to rise, which inevitably causes a stroke or infarction.

7 sports to burn calories

How to lose weight and burn fat and calories? Jump rope , rowing machine, aqua aerobics, aerobics etc. You have to choose the sports method that suits you to muscle and burn unnecessary fat

Pineapple and cellulite

The bromelain of the pineapple does not melt the cellulite, whereas the pineapple relieves the pains of osteoarthritis

Weight Loss

To slim down hips and lose the love handles the solution is to make a low-calorie diet, muscle only the transverse, make a sport to burn calories. Abdominal muscles should be avoided in a concentric manner.