Major European Car Brands and 6 Reasons Why They Rule the World

Major European Car Brands and 6 Reasons Why They Rule the World

Cars are being manufactured in many parts of the world, including, Asia, Japan, Australia, USA, etc. Among the best manufacturers, European car brands take the lead in the industry with a significant margin. Here we will take a look at the major European car brands and the reasons that allow European cars to rule the automotive world.

Major European Car Manufacturers

Germany, Italy and the UK are the most notable European car manufacturers.


Germany has a rich and innovative history in vehicle manufacturing business. At present, the following brands are delighting the car enthusiasts in and outside Europe:

  • Opel (1862)
  • Mercedes-Benz (1870)
  • Audi (1899)
  • BMW (1917)
  • Volkswagen (1931)


Italy is famous for its delicious pizza and the world is unanimous about loving Italian pizzas. So for foodies, Italian pizza is the ultimate choice. When it comes to sports car lovers, yet again, Italy is the ultimate choice. The most admired sports car manufacturer is none other than Ferrari. Among the major car manufacturers, Italy can, with immense pride, boast of the following brands:

  • Fiat (1899)
  • Lancia (1906)
  • Maserati (1914)
  • Alfa Romeo (1918)
  • Ferrari (1947)
  • Lamborghini (1963)

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The United Kingdom

This is up for debate, but we’re including UK in the Europe for the moment. The UK hosts the majority of vehicle manufacturers. At present, there are 35 car manufacturers. Some of the major brands are:

  • Vauxhall (1903)
  • Rolls-Royce (1904)
  • Morgan (1910)
  • Bentley (1919)
  • Jaguar (1945)
  • Land Rover (1948)
  • Caterham (1973)

Reasons of Dominance by European Car Brands in the World

This list of manufacturers is quite self-explanatory why European car brands dominate the industry and rule the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide. To further strengthen this unwavering fact, we will have a look at more interesting reasons in this regard.

1.     Compact Size

Size matters most in a car when it comes to seating capacity and the car’s exterior when on the road. European car manufacturers are very particular about it and keep both aspects in consideration. They produce cars in compact size, but it never means that inside space is compromised. Just take a look at Mercedes-Benz, a perfect example of overall compact size and spacious interior.

2.     Efficiency & Durability

Vehicle inspection rules and regulations are quite strict in Europe and an inefficient car is bound to see a junkyard. Therefore, the European manufacturers lay great emphasis on efficiency and durability. As a result, the buyers enjoy driving efficient vehicles with no worries of buying new cars anytime soon.

3.     Unbeatable Speed

Pertaining to speed, European cars are simply unbeatable. If we compare an American 5-liter V8 engine with a European engine of the same specs, the European engine can produce 450bhp and plus, and it is just the usual performance for a European engine.

4.     Economic

To save energy costs, European countries promoted diesel as a preferred fuel source. They did it by changing the gas taxation law. Today, 40% of cars run on diesels in Europe. It has also played a great role in reviving diesel.

5.     Best Sports Cars

Imagine the sports car races, i.e., the Formula One, without Ferrari! It is a horrible thought! Ferrari has been the leader among sports cars since it replaced Alfa Romeo. It also helped Schumacher built his career. The other well-known brands include Aston Martin, McLaren, and Porsche.

6.     Suitable Outside Europe

The cars are compact, efficient, and durable, which make them suitable to drive in other countries as well, i.e., USA, Australia and Asian countries.

A luxury ride in Mercedes-Benz (Germany), or travelling at a lightning speed in Ferrari (Italy) are unforgettable experiences. The avid drivers and the passengers die for such luxurious and thrilling rides. And the European car brands provide such rides with extreme satisfaction. To sum up, the European car brands are the winners by far and occupy the highest position on the victory stand.