Make Use of an Interior Decorator for the Fitting out And Decoration of Professional Premises

Interior Decorator

Tired of your gray and dull offices? Or need to optimize space? The interior designer is the professional who will offer you the best solutions to redo the decoration and think the layout of your office ..

And make your workspace a real little paradise. But what are the services offered by an office decorator? Discover in this guide everything you need to know about the renovation and decoration of corporate offices with

Why Use A Decorator To Renovate Corporate Offices

Work is health ! Certainly, but not in all conditions. Corporate offices are no longer just workspaces. They also constitute living spaces where more and more time is spent on a daily basis. Thus, 56% of French people spend more than 9 hours a day. It is therefore essential that they feel well.

The professional office must therefore be arranged and decorated in such a way as to promote well-being . For a happy employee is a productive employee. For example, studies show that comfortable, ventilated corporate offices increase productivity by 16% and employee satisfaction by 24%, while reducing absenteeism. A good reason to rethink the optimization of your workspace.

Another motivation to rearrange your professional offices: saving space . Space is expensive, and companies have understood it. It is therefore a question of optimizing the least square meter while creating an atmosphere conducive to reflection and work. For more information, see our article on the various levers to optimize office space in terms of decoration and interior design.


Finally, the recruitment of new talent is very competitive, and offering the future employees an original and comfortable place is unavoidable. A pleasant atmosphere and decoration in accordance with the image is therefore a strong argument to attract candidates.

Renovation Of Professional Premises: Identifying Expectations For A Personalized Space

The office decorator will fully consider the layout and decoration of your offices for you. Specializing in trends, styles, colors and materials, this creative professional with an abundant imagination will offer you his advice for an optimal layout. The idea is to first identify your expectations to propose a project that resembles you.

Together, you will create a personalized space, the layout and decoration of which will be as close as possible to your company’s brand image. Beyond the decoration itself, the decorator is able to offer you a complete renovation of your professional offices: partitions, false ceilings, electrical wiring, colors, paintings, wall coverings, furniture or even lighting … Nothing n ‘ is left to chance! Attention, office renovations must meet specific standards in terms of safety, ceiling height etc. Do not neglect this aspect!

In this case, the office decorator is transformed into a real project manager who will pilot and outsource the work. A saving of time and money since this one will take charge for you to find the right professionals to carry out your works. For more information on the subject, we recommend reading our article on our advice to carry out your project of renovation of office.

Office Furniture: The Choice Of Open Space

The layout of the space will play a major role in the comfort of employees. Today, 60% of companies choose open space. The advantage? A space layout that favors the proximity of employees, a space saving of 10 to 40% of the surface per person, and ergonomic workstations and well-designed efficiency factors, which therefore promote productivity.

There are, however, some disadvantages to open space. He is often criticized for being very noisy and lacking in privacy. The solution ? The use of removable partitions. Extremely modular, they will allow to divide the piece into several workspaces while ensuring a certain sound insulation.

Another advantage of size, they favor the intimacy of the collaborators who work in open space. To explore the issue, go to our article dedicated to the levers for an optimal office layout.