Modern Wedding Trends for 2018

Drone photography

The wedding is an association of two beautiful souls who amalgamate in marriage. It is could be the fusion of different cultures, traditions, social class or even countries. Marriage is all about the vows that abide by two individuals for their whole lifetime. To witness these beautiful moments in the marriage photography has become one of the great aspects of today’s modern world. Photography is not just the art of creating durable images but it the emotion that is connected with every moment lived by the individual during the ceremony. In today’s trendy world wedding photography has moved to a completely new level, it is not just limited to the traditional methods of photography as earlier. The best wedding photography trending in 2018 will help you to pick up the best possible for your ceremony.

The most trending Pre Wedding Shot:

 Pre-wedding shoot invaded the market a few years back itself. This was first started in among Chinese and South Asian marriages it is now becoming the part of the globe. A pre-wedding shoot is taking place in between the courtship. It is done usually between three to six months from the date of the wedding. The pictures clicked during the pre-wedding shoot are also used in the form of wedding invitation for digital platform i.e. in social media and social groups. Couples especially invest into this kind of shoot as to develop a comfort amongst themselves.

The weird unplugged wedding strategy:

These days there something really weird yet unique trends that are spread during wedding ceremonies, it is unplugged weddings. This is one of the ways of preventing the guess from photobombing the main couple’s pictures. Today’s photographers want to cover the hosts and guest pictures and not the latest phones, tabs or the personal digital camera. Thus, the photographers ask the guest to switch off any of these distractions and enjoy the ceremony and also resulting in the best moments captured by them.

The aerial (drone) photography and videographer:

For any photographers, it was not possible to capture the complete wedding in one still image but now drone photography has changed this myth. Drone photography is the aerial shot of the taken from the cameras. Technically drone photography is also called as unnamed aircraft system. Drone photography gives first person view which is impossible to achieve through normal photography.

Concurrent Edits:

This is also something that is demanded by the wedding couples these days. This is also known as same day edit. Many couples ask for this as they do not want to miss any present moment that takes place during their wedding ceremony. These pictures are run on slideshow giving them the live update as to how the guest is feeling and enjoying the wedding. This photo captures the happy, emotional and many more moments during the wedding.

Smoke Bombs Photography:

To ass that extra spice to your wedding album nowadays smoke bomb photography is preferred by couples. It adds the extra element with smoke in the background and enhances the portrait image. Also this ad the extra colors required for the wedding album.

The Wedding teaser :

Before any product or services enters the market the company releases its teaser, same ways before the wedding video is realized the wedding teaser is something the couples demand these days. Wedding teaser is a video for about 10 to 12 minutes which gives the complete glimpse of the wedding ceremony. This is something that couples also use social media to share their big day with their family and friends.

The Candid Photography:

In old days uninformed photography was just a part of normal traditional photography, but now this photography is given a new term i.e. candid photography. It is clicking the pictures uninformed to the couples and guests present at the ceremony. It is the beauty of best wedding photography to capture the small unplanned realistic moments.

These are few of the wedding trends that are taking place modern era of 2018.