Money Saving Tips for Students

Money Saving Tips for Students

You see the world is moving at a faster speed than it used to, every other day expenses increase and families have to spend their hard earned cash sensibly. It is not necessary that parent should be the ones to save an amount from the earning, but kids should also play a major part in it.

The most expensive thing parents have to look forward to is their children`s education. Education is the most important part of our lives and it`s cost are reaching new heights. A list can be made of expenses students need while studying.

However there are some tips that students can use to save money.

  1. Buy or rent used textbooks and sell last semesters books back.

Books are very expensive these days, the total amount of books equals the tuition fees of the organization.It is not necessary that you buy new books; the best ways to save money is buying used books or hire them on rental basis. Used books usually cost half the price of a new book and you can save a large amount which can be used for other purpose. Furthermore you can make money by selling your old books to new students.

  1. Cut out vices- smoking and binge drinking are terrible for you and expensive

Smoking and drinking takes major part of the money. If you have a habit of smoking or drinking too much, shorten this habit. It is not just affecting your money but you are damaging your heath as well. If you suffer from a serious illness, your parents have to use their savings to counter the health issues. If you can’t completely quit smoking and drinking make an effort to consume fewer amounts.

  1. Always pay bills on time to avoid late fees

Paying your bills on time will save you from late fees penalty. Most institutes charge more penalties. There is a reason behind it. They do it for your benefit and to make you punctual. Charging more will be a lesson for you and you would be paying your bills on time. Not just educational institutes but almost all the companies these days follow this policy and if you are not punctual in paying the bills, you have to pay a lot of amount as extra charges. You should avoid paying late bills and save yourself from paying an extra amount as late charges.

  1. Walk, use public transportation or ride a bike instead of having a car

Traveling is the next most important facility that covers most part of the cash. If you have your own car and you drive it regularly, it means that you are wasting your money on petrol, plus car needs maintenance and maintaining a car is not easy and affordable. Instead of using a car as your commute, use public transport for traveling or walk for shorter distances. Public transport is generally cheap and faster. Most people prefer using subways than driving their own car. You are young and can cover short distances easily by walking, than why wasting your petrol for short distances. Save money on refueling and use public transport for traveling.

  1. Live with others so you can split rent and utilities

If you are an international students, you can save a huge amount of cash by sharing your room with other is very effective and most students follow this and save money. Not just the house or room rent but you can share other expenses as well. Expenses such as electricity bills and utility bills can be shared as well.

  1. Don’t buy books that you will only need for a short period of time-check them out from the library instead

There would be books in your course that will be used once or not at all. They will take their place on shelves and will be there the whole course duration. Before buying your course talk to a senior and ask him about the books that you will need most. Tick the books that are must and ask your senior I he can sell his old books. Books that you will only need for a short period of time can be availed through library. You can photocopy the most important lectures from the book and save money.

Students can save money if they want and reduce their parent`s burden. Many students work part time to earn and spend for themselves. This really helps them.try to save as much as you can. For deals and discounts on desire services and products visit