Photo and Canvas As Gift Ideas

Photo and Canvas As Gift Ideas

Different photo and canvas gifts are becoming a popular idea these days. Pictures of memorable moments can be compiled in a book; printed on shirts, towels, calendars, and mugs; or placed on canvas. Either way, they make great presents for the holidays. Plus, they are personalized making them more special.

Jigsaw puzzles

For children and for those kids at heart, you might want to give them jigsaw puzzles with photos printed on them. They can come in 500, 1000, or 2000 pieces. There are some photo shops you can ask about it. First is to select a picture that you find worth remembering and upload it to their computer. You might also want to try making magnetic photo puzzles. These are smaller than the standard puzzles and they can also be applied to any metallic surface like your refrigerator. So, when your friend opens the fridge to get some food, he or she is easily reminded of your funny moments.

Most Wanted posters

Another option is creating “Most Wanted” posters with your face on it. Nowadays, people use to make these posters as a joke for their friends. Just don’t show it to authorities like real policemen because they might think that you are a real fugitive or criminal. In this idea, you can have a reward amount and reason for being wanted placed at the bottom of the poster. You’ll be surprised how convincing it looks. Furthermore, most of these are printed using ecological free inks that give that glossy and sharp consistency. This is just great!

Personalized playing cards

On the other hand, you can also create personalized playing cards with your selected picture. This is made with a digital printer on a 200 g/m2 paper, laminated, cut out with rounded corners, and placed in a beautiful gift box. Each card will have yours or your friend’s photo at the back. You can even have your face printed in the place of the kings, jacks, queens, and jokers’ faces. Playing cards can never be more fun for you and your friends and family.

Number plates

Another great idea is number plates. Aside from your photo, you can have your name, birth date, or favorite numbers printed on the plates. This is a great idea for lorry drives, newborn babies, and bicycle fans. What is more, these 10 X 3-inch plates are made from light metal and are covered with reflective surfaces. They have 2 hangers so you could attach them on the baby carriage or bicycle. Also, you can have a car number plate made into a wonderful gift item. Just write the owner’s name or nickname, birth date, and upload a photo.

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