Prices of Interior Designers And Interior Designers

Interior Designers

Want to completely rearrange your interior to redistribute space? This is the business of the professional of decoration! Yes, but how to find a decorator or interior designer at the best price? Large business, especially as competition on the market is tough.

Do not panic, is here to help you find your way! Discover in this guide everything you need to know about decorator prices. Please note that prices quoted here are indicative and may vary from one professional to another.

Difference Between Interior Decorator And Interior Designer

The prices of decorating professionals will vary according to several factors, among which:

– their reputation
– the location of the site
– the nature of the services offered
– the specialization of your professional decorator

Indeed, the prices established by the interior designer are higher than those of the decorator, due in particular to the difference in services offered. It is thus necessary to clearly distinguish the trades of interior decorator and interior designer. The first is going to try to redo the decoration of a place, but it can not modify it in substance.

That is to say that it will not touch the structure (partitions, walls, facade …) while the second is able to completely modify the layout of your apartment. Another major difference: as a prime contractor, the interior designer is able to steer the work and subcontract it. A skill that does not belong to the decorator.

Cost Of Home Counseling Or Coaching

The price for home counseling services or coaching decoration by an interior decorator are about 100 € TTC for 1h to 1h30 of intervention. Advisory assignments may also be invoiced on an hourly basis. Usually cost an hourly cost between 60 and 80 Euros. We advise you to negotiate fixed prices at the appointment in order to control your budget.

Price Visit + Proposal + Shopping List

For complete consulting services with sketch design, plans and shopping lists, prices are around 500 euros per piece depending on the workload. During this visit, the decorator will make proposals to beautify, redevelop or decorate your room according to trends and your budget . It will submit you a shopping list of furniture and other decorative items, which you can buy alone or with it. Note that the decorator can make you benefit from her addresses and good plans.

The rates for decoration for individuals are not the same as for professionals because the benefits differ. Stand fitting, decoration of professional events … The prices offered to professionals depend on the type of services requested and the resources committed.