Redeem reward points and win big

Jet privilege Redeem reward points and win big

Many companies these days offer reward points to customers on purchases made. By redeeming these points, the customers get a chance to win gifts in various forms, either cash, an item or even a free air ticket. But, are these reward points beneficial to the customers? Of course, they are. Let’s find out how.

Enjoy free gifts

Who doesn’t love gifts? Wouldn’t things turn exciting if you get a free iPhone? Exactly! On every purchase you make, companies let you earn points. Once the set number of points are redeemed, you can get a gift. But, this is just a tactic used by the companies to woo customers, you might say. Well, that’s not true. In fact, it is one of the ways companies use to keep their customers happy. So, why not make the most out of it?

Free air tickets are awesome

How about a free ticket to your favourite destination? Renowned airline companies love rewarding their frequent passengers with occasional free air tickets on redemption of the accumulated points, along with tons of benefits and privileges. Isn’t this amazing? Programmes like JetPrivilege ensure that earning miles is simple and quick!

Cash backs on purchases
No, these aren’t the ordinary cash back offers you come across in a supermarket across the streets. These cash back offers are good enough to save you a fortune. For instance, if you are flying abroad with your family, some airline company may let you redeem reward points for cash back on any one of purchased tickets. That’s one of the offers you cannot afford to miss out.

Get some cash
In this case, one can redeem the accumulated points for a specific amount of money which directly gets credited to your account. Interesting, the amount, in most cases, is good enough to buy you a new phone or a television set.

Swipe that card
If you are a frequent credit card user, you have a good chance of winning some fabulous gifts and cash back offers. On every transaction you make, a certain number of points or miles add to your account. You may get around 5 points on every purchase of Rs. 50 to Rs. 100. Note that not all credit card providers offer the same reward program. So, the number of points you earn may differ.

The process of accumulating the points and redeeming them is simple. On every purchase made or the service you opt for, you earn a specific number of points. You can later choose to redeem the points to avail the gift. However, it’s best to follow the terms and conditions set by the company to be eligible for the gift.

Some believe that reward points programs are nothing more than just a mere technique used by companies to bring in some more business, though that’s not completely true. Of course, it does help them in becoming a loyal brand. But, the customers are the ones benefiting the most out of it. So, make sure you don’t miss out on such programs.