Salesforce is Helping Healthcare Providers Maintain Valuable Data and Stay FDA Compliant

Salesforce’s history in healthcare management?

Businesses who choose Salesforce are usually looking for compliance and commitment. This SaaS can deliver it all in a nifty package. It provides customers with CRM as well as security services at affordable prices. It is ideal for smaller businesses since it promises a scalable growth.

Salesforce has jumped into healthcare niches with a new tailored platform. This new platform is ideal for healthcare oriented businesses. You may not own a hospital, nursing care or clinic; but if you own a medicine store, medical supplies store or a life science related business, you will need this SaaS to provide you the complete package.

Salesforce’s new health cloud services are exclusively for healthcare providers. This new version offers excellent options for patient data storage. Businesses can also use the same for storing research data, production and dispatch data. It is mainly in response to the FDA rules and regulations that seek validation from companies involved in healthcare and life sciences.

What is Salesforce’s history in healthcare management?

Initially, Salesforce simply helped the same companies with SaaS in the niche of sales and customer service. It has always been famous for CRM services, which have helped hundreds of companies ever since the genesis of Salesforce. However, the Salesforce health care validation brought a new lease of life to the companies, which were struggling to make their mark and stay compliant to Title 21 CRF Part 11. The software provider’s knowledge of HIPAA and other legal requirements helped them carve out a market for their clients. Soon Salesforce made it to doctor’s offices and hospital cloud systems as the primary record keeping service.

What is Salesforce’s primary aim in healthcare management?

In the reign of the Affordable Care Act or ACA, Salesforce wanted to focus on three fundamental aspects of healthcare management –

  • Record management
  • Relationship management
  • Revenue management

The platform, which Salesforce launched in 2015 for healthcare professionals and businesses, can offer an integrated view of research, production, resource management, quality control, lifestyle information of individual patients, their medications and scheduled appointments. It is currently like a giant cloud that covers all aspects of healthcare. It serves these life science based corporations, health units, and manufacturing units, and at the same time, it makes sure that these companies are complying with Part 11.

Where does all the data come from?

The data usually comes from various sources. The SaaS can pool data from wearable devices. Medical devices, mobile phones, and FitBits are parts of the data sources for this new information gathering software. It is a huge step into the realm of big data for most corporations and healthcare providers, without them realizing so. The transition is smooth, and it is only possible because of the seamless integration of this new SaaS with the existing software and hardware infrastructure of the running businesses.

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Lucy Jones is service software expert, who has been working with for the last couple of years. His take on small business software solutions and integration of healthcare into latest tech-development projects stand out.