Scent Your Hotel Without Paying a Cent

Scent Your Hotel Without Paying a Cent

Foul smells and poor ventilation could drive your customers away. However, with the right hotel scenting strategy you can avoid these problems. What’s more is that you don’t even have to spend an arm and a leg just to bring pleasant fragrance into your hotel. If you want your guests to love the fresh and clean aroma of your hotel rooms, this article has got you covered. Below are helpful tips to help you save a few bucks in keeping your hotel smelling good at all times:

Let the fresh air in

By simply opening the windows as you change linens and curtains, it can do wonders in the aroma of any hotel room. Foul moldy smells will instantly leave the room and it will be replaced with fresh air. The sunlight will also help you get rid of smell in the walls, stale air, beddings, carpets or even body smells from the last guest who occupied the room. This is probably the cheapest way you can guarantee that the room will smell fresh and clean the moment the next guest comes in.

Hang towels after use

Wet towels are culprits in causing stale smell in hotel rooms. To avoid such pitfall, encourage customers to hang wet towels after use. How? You can simply add a short reminder in the bathroom, telling them to help you keep the room smelling good by hanging their towels. You also want to provide them a rack where they can easily place the towels. Most guests will be happy to oblige in such requests as a courtesy to the next guests. Best of all, you don’t have to spend tons of dollars adding these reminders.

Deodorize furniture, carpets, and floors

Get rid of odors by asking your staff to deodorize the furniture, carpets, and floors in your hotel. By simply sprinkling baking soda on carpets and floors and letting it stay overnight you can improve the scent of any room. Vacuum the floor and carpet the following day to ensure that the room still looks presentable to your guests. You can also add lemon essential oil in cleaning products to sanitize doorknobs, hard surfaces, and tables in the guest rooms. Using lemon oil will even leave a fresh and crisp scent to the entire room. These hotel scenting strategies are very affordable but will surely get you results in an instant.

Regularly clean HVAC system

Maybe the HVAC system is what’s causing your hotel rooms to have a stale smell. Be sure to schedule regular cleaning to avoid such problem. If air conditioning systems are clogged and have dirty filters, it can block the normal airflow and even reduce the HVAC system’s efficiency.

Restrict smoking

Guests smoking inside their room can be a huge factor as to why you cannot get rid of a foul smell. To avoid it, just give your guests a certain area in your hotel where they can smoke. This way, it will be easier for you to maintain the fresh scent of each room.

Replace the linens

Always change the linens in between guests to avoid the body smell from causing foul odor in the rooms. This will also help you get good reviews as all guests look forward to sleeping in a freshly made bed.

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