Soka Gakkai International Center- Spreading Harmony Across the Globe

Soka Gakkai International Center

Buddhism is a fast -growing culture and religion across the globe. There are several people from all walks of life that are embracing Buddhism primarily for its tenets of peace, harmony and non-violence. More and more people are embracing Buddhism as a way of life. There are several Buddhist communities that have been established to spread the religion and promote peace. One such community is the Soka Gakkai International. The word Soka means the “creation of value”. The members of this organization have the sole motto to promote the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism and The Lotus Sutra created by Shakyamuni Buddha- the founder of Buddhism.

Soka Gakkai International Center- spreading love and harmony

Members of the Soka Gakkai International Center meet regularly to hold discussion groups. They discuss the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism and the ways via which they can improve their lives and the lives of others with it. Nichiren was a priest who lived in Japan in the 13th century. He was responsible for promoting the teachings among men that the power of transformation lies within. He is known to have changed the lives of many people and today his teachings are known as Nichiren Buddhism.

Self-empowerment and changing lives

The members of Soka International learn and share the tenets of Nichiren Buddhism and The Lotus Sutra. They are able to identify what their inner potential is and transform lives. The tenets of Nichiren Buddhism say that man has the potential to change his life by himself. This can be done with introspection. He needs to find his true potential and this can be done with the help of an inward journey. Most of the time man seeks out pleasures that are not a part of his soul journey and this is why he faces many problems and miseries in life. With the aid of mantras and meditation, he is able to find wisdom and inner peace. This helps him to get the courage and strength to face the diverse challenges that he comes across in life. Not only can man transform himself but he can contribute to the society in a better way as well!

Positive contribution to society

The teachings of Nichiren Buddhism and The Lotus Sutra help people from all walks of life contribute positively to the society. They are able to increase bliss in life as the quest for outer pleasures end.

The Soka Gakkai International Center also believes in non-violence and advocates nuclear disarmament in the world. It spreads the message of harmony and peace. There are many celebrities that have joined the movement for elimination of weapons and other things that cause mass destruction. The community today has 12 billion active members across the world. It has its presence in 192 nations. The number of members that are joining the community are increasing daily. They are happy as they have been able to transform their lives positively. They are at peace with themselves and are able to contribute to the general well-being of society in a large way too!