Spend time in the rich culture of Rome

Spend time in the rich culture of Rome

Rome is the eternal city of love. Known for its historical ventures, and glorious heritage, the city has expanded as a vast empire through the European world. Rome is a country full of ethics and historical culture. It is drenched in Christianity. People visit the city from all over the world just to enjoy the historical heritage that it has got to offer.

Some of the lovely cultural heritages that are a must to visit are-

  1. The colosseum– it is one of the major tourist attractions of Rome. It is said to have been constructed by Emperor Vespasian in 72AD. The amphitheater is elliptical in shape and has a capacity to hold up to 50000 people. This concrete and stone structure was the largest amphitheatre built in the first century in Rome. People especially visit this place to take a feel of the rich heritage. There are a number of taxi services available. To hire visit taxi-airports-transfer.com
  2. Peter’s Basilica the St. Peter’s basilica is the major tourist attraction and is extremely auspicious to the Catholics. It is considered as the center of their world. Basilica stands on the site where Peter, who is considered to be the first pope in Christianity, was buried after crucification. It is said to have built in the 16th century and many artists have worked on it to make this complex such a beautiful attraction. The dome is said to have been designed by Michelangelo while the St Peter’s square was designed by Bernini.
  3. Pantheon this is one of the most famous Roman buildings. It was built in 126 AD and was initially a temple for all Roman deities. From the 7th century, it has been serving as a catholic church. The dome of the Pantheon is the world’s largest unconcrete dome. The pantheon is visited by thousands of people worldwide.
  4. Vatican museum talking about Rome, the Vatican museum is a must visit place and you cannot definitely miss out on this. It is made up of numerous sculptures by Pope Julius II. There are various attractions that this museum holds, spiral staircase, the decorated Sistine Chapel and the Raphael rooms will hold your attention forever. The Last supper that is the most famous work of Michelangelo is one of the famous paintings of the museum.

There are hundreds of places to visit in Rome. The above mentioned are the most preferred ones as the rich culture brings millions of tourists to these beautiful and bountiful places. The place is likely to be loved by you if you are a keen learner and love exploring the history of the world. It is a perfect place for lovers and couples often visit this place on vacations. You can plan a long holiday without getting bored for even a single day.

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