The Most Expensive Glass Bong

Most Expensive Glass Bong

We’ve all seen that one guy with his 300$ Roor or limited edition Illadelph glass bong at parties, letting people line up and take free hits of his bud because he’s just so ecstatic to show off the potent flavor and velvety smoothness of his bong’s triple stacked percolators. Whether that guy made you cringe or made a small part of you jealous inside, it’s pretty crazy to think there are people out there rocking true pieces of contemporary art on their shelves, possibly valued at over 10,000$. Yep, ten thousand, sounds insane perhaps, but people of all incomes enjoy cannabis and some are willing to spend top dollar for something truly unique, created with love and excellent craftsmanship.

The most expensive bong that has been made and sold to date is in fact, one hundred thousand dollars. If it sounds ridiculous it’s because it is, but it’s an original piece by Scott Deppe who has made himself quite a name in the world of luxury designer glassblowing. Many of his works rank on lists of the most expensive glass and his name has earned himself a valuable reputation for sure. His most highly valued work is called Scott Deppe’s Gold Encrusted Skull Bong. It really holds true to the realistic size and shape of a human skull, featuring bright and dazzling green patterns. The kicker though, most of the shape’s structural integrity lies in real pot leaves that were somehow dried and coated in molten gold, then encrusted with even more gold. The glass pieces form joints which hold the whole thing together, and the glass and gold combination gives the whole thing a legitimately fantastical gleam. One can’t help wondering what lengths Indiana Jones would go to to get a hit out of this extravagant glass bong, you know, if he’s into that kind of thing.

If you’re interested in what else the world of luxury bongs has to offer, Scott Deppe’s Instagram is a great place to start, but you’ll be hard pressed to find anything else even close to that price or level of cannabis craftsmanship.