Three Great Family Friendly Alternatives to Visiting Your Family

Three Great Family Friendly Alternatives to Visiting Your Family

When it comes family-friendly vacation destinations it can seem like the impossible task to find one which can satisfy all members of your family. This is often the reason why you undertake the dreaded family visit each year.

However, there are many other alternatives which you and your children are sure to enjoy, such as the ones below.

An All-Inclusive Resort

Before you stop reading and think that this is well out of your budget if you keep reading you will be pleasantly surprised!

While all-inclusive resorts were once reserved for wealthy single people looking to meet other people minded travelers, nowadays modern resorts have adapted their entire offerings to focus on families as their sole target market.

For this reason, you can expect to find great rates on family-friendly resorts where your children can be taken care of, from food to entertainment, and you can relax and enjoy your own activities, from laying on the beach too, well, laying on the beach!

Take a Road Trip!

We know, we know! You don’t want to visit your family. However, this isn’t what this tip is about. Instead, sit down with your whole household family and talk about the places you would all like to visit. More importantly, talk about the places you would all like to visit which you can reasonably drive to.

If you can, take out a paper map and lay it out on the kitchen table and look at places nearby with landmarks which may be of interest. If you want to visit somewhere further than your car can reliably take you, visit the Groupon Coupons page for Hertz and pick up a great deal on a hire car for your trip and travel comfortably and safely.

This can often be a great incentive to use throughout the year to encourage your youngsters to perform well in school or another task they have been struggling with.

A Cruise

Just like the first tip, the first thing which parents think about when it comes to a cruise is the cost. And while there are definitely cruise lines which will cost you a  lot of money for a ticket or a room, there are many others with more reasonable and accessible prices, and ounces which also have the family market firmly in their sights.

The key to getting your family on a cruise for a good price is to choose your timing well. For example, traveling around May or June can see you and your family travel along the inner passage of Alaska for much cheaper than you would expect to pay! Of course, one of the great benefits to a cruise is similar to the resort, in that your children will be taken care of including their entertainment and food needs.

As you can see there are many other family-friendly vacation options for you and your children to choose from which don’t involve the regular trip to visit extended family and which every member of your family can enjoy!