Three Important Facts That You Should Know About Hair Loss

hair loss problem in Singapore

hair loss or alopecia is an occurrence where there is a loss of hair from the scalp to the body. This is also referred to as baldness if the hair loss is excessive. This is a natural occurrence due to aging. But if you’re still 30 and you are now experiencing hair loss is something that might alarm you. Most people accept this natural phenomenon while others try their best to slow it down or cover it up.

This is because hair is fashion, it also affects the appearance. Some people might not care about their hair but to some people their hair is their life. They take care of it sometimes as much that their needs are overlooked. That is the reason why for some people, it’s just too hurting to see a baldness. It will destroy them.

The various types of baldness: Contrary to most people, there are various hair problems associated with hair loss. The more that you can identify this, the more specific you are in getting the help that you need or even buying remedies online that is specific to that condition. For your benefit, here are the major problems of hair loss.

  • Female pattern baldness
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Menopausal hair loss
  • Chemical-related hair loss
  • Premature grey hair
  • Spot baldness
  • postnatal hair loss
  • Dandruff-related hair loss

The tests: Now, knowing your type of hair loss is not just about looking at pictures and looking into the wise Google search bar. You should know that there are diagnostic procedures being done for people with hair loss in order to determine what type of hair loss it is and more importantly, what is the treatment that can be done to it. This is very important in order to accurately determine the correct course to take on that specific hair loss.

  • Pull test
  • Blood works
  • Light microscopy
  • Biopsy of the scald

The treatments: The good thing about hair loss is that it’s no stranger to various treatments that are out there. These treatments can be cosmetic to surgical. But the treatment will depend on the certain type of hair loss that you have. Sometimes hair loss is not just a natural occurrence but because of a disease, with this, most hair loss that is disease-related get’s remedied once the disease is cured.

  • Wigs
  • Hair pieces
  • Surgery
  • Medicines
  • Laser therapy

This is one of the problems of Asian people at age 30 and above. It may not be most of the time a health issue but for the people that love their hair this is something heartbreaking. The fact is that not all hair losses are the same. It has various cause aside from aging, but luckily a hair loss is not the end. There are various treatments out there on the market today that remedies this problem. Singapore is a place where fashion, health and technology are balanced. If you have a hair loss problem in Singapore then good for you! Because this place is never short of hair loss treatments Just like the product being endorsed by Jonsson Protein. Give them a visit and start your hair treatment today.