Use Social Media to Generate Leads

Use Social Media to Generate Leads

Making Money Online and Utilizing Social Media to Advertise

In today’s new world of internet marketing, starting your own business or service online is so easy, even a child can do it. Matter-of-fact, there are children doing it.

Many People Are Making Money Online

It seems, everyone is getting in on the game, trying to make money online, in a variety of ways. I’m sure you, either tried something yourself or at least have some ideas that you might be considering taking a shot at.

And, you really should, because, to be honest, there are people who don’t know a thing about creating and running a business, yet many have done it, and are making decent money too. Where, there are many well-educated people, who have degrees in business that also set something up online, but failed.

So, you really never know, until you try. It is possible to create your own online business, for just a few bucks, be up and running in just a few minutes, and then, start making money soon after.

What Are Some Ways That You Can Make Money Online?

There are many different things that you can do including:

  • Start your own online store Right from the convenience of home, you can start by shopping around online, at different stores, looking for bargains, cheap items, products on clearance, rollbacks or any low priced items that you can sell for a little more to make a profit of each sale. Once you have gathered photo’s of all your products, write a brief description and then build a website or blog to list your products on and most websites even come with a shopping cart.
  • Write a book, preferably a How-to book You don’t even have to know much about the subject you choose to write about, since the internet is loaded with all the information you need, just do some research on the subject and write about it, and you may have yourself a best-seller.
  • Provide a service Think about all the ways you can help others out that they would pay you for like: have a carwash, baby, dog or house sitting, Take photo’s, run errands and I’m sure you can think of more.
  • Affiliate Marketing Almost anyone can be an affiliate. Affiliates are individuals who sell other peoples products for profit. When you sign up to become an affiliate you will usually be given a link to sell a product that you can post on social media sites, blogs, websites, etc. Places like eBay and Amazon, allows you to pick the products you want to sell. Amazon is a great place to start since if someone clicks your link and goes to Amazon and buys something, doesn’t even have to be the product you are promoting, you will get a profit.

There are so many different ways you can make money online, so finding ways to make money is no problem at all, it’s getting traffic to your product so that people will buy what you’re selling, that’s the hard part.

Social Media, A Great Lead Generating Source

Social Media A Great Lead Generating Source

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You could be selling a brand new car for five dollars but it wouldn’t make any difference if nobody knows about it. But, just like there are many different ways to make money online, there are also a lot of options to advertise what your selling, as well. However, advertising can get a bit expensive if you’re not careful. To tell the truth, there is no better place to generate leads from, than social media sites. Not only are they loaded with potential buyers, but you can advertise what your selling for free.

You’ll find many great selling features available on Facebook, where you can…

  • Create your own business page that you can sell from
  • Start a group and build up a lot of members that you can share your products with
  • You can create buttons for valued customers to wear on Facebook
  • Have contests, giveaways, and offer coupons, promotions, and more
  • You can even advertise by posting right on your own timeline
  • If you want to invest a few dollars, Facebook will post your ad right on the site for everyone on Facebook to see.

Facebook Offers Important Features That Are Great Benefits To businesses

Check out,’s page, Survival Frog, and Youi NZ Facebook page to see some examples of the following features that Facebook provides for businesses…

  • Like button – You’ll notice that each business page gives the visitors an opportunity to let others know if they like the business by clicking like, which everyone can see, so it’s basically like rating the business
  • Follow option – Businesses can add a follow option to their page, then if you decide to follow a business you are opting in to receive notifications when the business posts new things on its page, so you’ll be one of the first to know when coupons, promotions or other is available.
  • Share button – The share button is priceless since visitors can use it to share the business page with others who may also share it and so on making the business known to more people
  • Facebook also allows businesses to add a call to action, on Smeet it says, “play now”, Survival Frog says, “Shop Now”, and on youi Nz’s page they used, “learn more”.
  • Send Message – All visitors can contact the business by sending a private message on Facebook.

Twitter is also good for sending out tweets when new products are available, or if something goes on sale, or for other store news.

You can use Youtube to create infomercials or video’s that show your products in use, or how to assemble them, or to show step by step instructions, etc.

With all the great features that many social media sites offer businesses, for free, why advertise anywhere else?

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