Vital Organ Spleen: Disorder and Its Causes

Vital Organ Spleen: Disorder and Its Causes

The spleen is the important organ of the body, but people are quite unaware of the spleen and its use. It is the reservoir of the blood that the body keeps in case of an emergency such as bleeding and hemorrhages. A human body is very complex and having the health issues are quite common.

So spleen works like a factory for the antibodies that helps in maintaining the defense mechanism of the body. This mechanism works in case of any health threats. Sometimes spleen also gets affected by many of the factors and disorders occur like splenomegaly and asplenia. A person suffering from this has to go with medication for the treatment.


Here the spleen gets enlarged and goes above the normal size of it. Sometimes it can be moderate like going up to 11-20 cm and sometimes severe that goes above 20 cm. A person suffering from this disorder has symptoms like chest pain, abdominal pain and back pain.

If the condition accompanies cytopenia then the symptoms of anemia can also be observed. Causes can be bacteria or fungal infections, organ failure and many more. Splenomegaly is accompanied by many diseases so the treatment is chosen accordingly.

Chemotherapy is a preferred treatment. Medicines in these conditions help avoid deaths and complications and for this person have to adhere to the treatment plan. For the long term medication, it is very important to have medicines from the online pharmacies. Canadian pharmacy online offers all kind of medicines at your doorsteps.


This is a very serious condition where there is a possibility of the absence of the spleen or fails to perms its vital functions. The symptoms, in this case, can be complications in the shape and the location of the heart and presence of the three lobes of the liver instead of two. Cause of this disorder can be genetic or acquired. Many of the diseases also accompany this disorder like sickle cell anemia and the genetic factor is rare.

Sometimes, spleen losses it’s function despite its apparently healthy presence in the body. Many conditions also occur where the removal of spleen takes place. The treatment can be antibiotics in case of infections. Antibiotics like penicillin and erythromycin can be taken. In the complicated case doctors advice to take the antibiotics all the way to adulthood.

A person should have regular checkup or take the initial steps when experiencing the symptoms. Symptoms of asplenia should be checked and preventive measures should be taken on time. As infection when spreads to the serious condition only have the option of the treatment that is splenectomy that can be very dangerous.

To keep spleen healthy it is important to have a balanced diet and regular exercise. Many times when people don’t have any kind of knowledge about such organs, educate yourself and have the proper treatment option if suffer from the related problem. Try to stay away from the bacterial infection as this is the major complication risk for the asplenia victims.

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